Khama Anku
Welcome to the Spiritual Physique Product Line

Khama Anku is a Life & Success Coach, Best-Selling Author, International Speaker, and the Founder of Spiritual Physique and it’s three subsidiaries: Spiritual Physique Publishing, Pictures and Productions. Creator of a line of self-empowerment Books, CDs, DVDs, Coaching Programs and Producer of Live Events, Khama awakens an awareness in people that propels them to take action that produces results – quickly!

With exemplary passion for enriching people’s lives, Khama’s simple yet comprehensive approach triggers cellular level change, resulting in radical shifts in mindset and behavior. Khama’s proven personal growth and business building methods empower people to take control of their own destiny, equip themselves for success and bring about extraordinary transformation – as evidenced by her numerous success stories, which span the globe!

“Unleash Your Breakthrough” 12-CD SET

Discover Khama’s best-selling, acclaimed system to transform your entire life in only 90 days!

“How To Fill Your Life Coaching Practice With Ideal Clients Fast” DVD

In this DVD, Khama shares her time-tested, simple secrets to exploding your life coaching practice with clients you love to work with!

“How To Build A Business” DVD

If you fail to plan, you can plan to fail! Let Khama walk you through a detailed, foolproof plan to get your business off the ground!

“How To Clear Your Clutter in 30 Days” DVD

Is clutter bogging you down and taking up space in your life? Imagine living clutter-free in 30 short days – this DVD will show you how to do it!

“How To Make Money On Social Media” DVD

Today’s hottest marketing tool is social media; and Khama has mastered it as a way to attract new clients – FAST! Get her hottest tips now!

“How To Heal A Broken Heart” DVD

Brokenhearted? In this DVD, Khama teaches an easy-to-follow formula on how to move on from a painful experience, increase your confidence, and heal in record time.


“How To Lose 10lbs in 5 Weeks” DVD

Are you ready to easily and naturally lose weight, once and for all? With Khama’s simple health and fitness tips, in less than 5 weeks, you will look better, feel better & have more energy!


“How to Explode Your Business in a Week with Videos” DVD

Video is one of the most effective tools in business. By using it, in conjunction with other marketing strategies, you can magnify your reach to tens of thousands of ideal clients and customers.

“Quantum Physics Success Secrets” DVD

Are you ready to Quantum Leap from where you are – to where you want to be? Learn how to shift on the quantum level and experience radical, cellular level changes!

“Beauty 101” DVD

Since beauty is in the eye of the beholder, looking good for yourself, is what’s most important. Learn easy and affordable beauty tips to look your best at all times!

“How to Write a Book that Sells: from Start to Finish” DVD

Becoming an author will instantly catapult you to expert status! This DVD will give you all of the essential tools and information necessary to get your book in print and ready for distribution!


“Prayer, Fasting & Meditation for Supernatural Blessings” DVD

In this powerful DVD, you will learn how to pray, fast and meditate to GET RESULTS! These three private disciplines are Khama’s “behind-the-scenes” secrets to her outward success!

“Success In Sales” DVD


Every aspect of business is integral, but selling is what actually makes you the dough! In this DVD, Khama shares her proven techniques to sell ethically, authentically and easily!

“How to Break the Poverty Mindset” DVD

In this powerful, 90+ minute training, Khama shows you her exact mindset for wealth, prosperity and success. If you’re ready to get out of financial bondage, this is for you!


“How to Create a CD SET Program” DVD

With a CD SET, you can change lives around the world, while earning tens of thousands of dollars annually! In this DVD, you’ll learn how to package your expertise and create passive income with an audio home study course.

“Happily Single: While Preparing for The One” DVD

Instead of settling for low-quality, toxic relationships, prepare and position yourself for the relationship of your dreams! You’re worth it!

“How to Create and Run Monthly Membership Programs” DVD

Membership programs are by far one of the most powerful ways to strengthen your effectiveness in client results as well as create a strong passive income stream!

“How To Overcome Fear” DVD

Fear is the #1 reason people do not go after their dreams. In this DVD, you will learn how to quickly OBLITERATE the fear that is blocking your blessings!


“Website Success: How to Make Your Visitors Buy From You” DVD

If you’re in business, and you have a website – it should be MAKING you money, not COSTING you money! In this 85-minute DVD, you’ll learn how to turn your website into a 24/7 ATM machine!

“Marketing Tips, Tricks & Techniques” DVD

The strategies in this training will give you everything you need to create & implement a marketing plan to generate sales, secure ideal clients and generate multiple streams of income.

“How to Run your own Storage, Shipping & Distribution Center from Home” DVD

In this powerful DVD, you will learn EXACTLY how to set up a sensible storage area, efficiently send product through the mail and distribute your products world-wide without breakage!


“How to Effectively Conduct Tele-Seminars to Generate Sales and Secure Clients” DVD

Tele-seminars are one of the least expensive forms of advertising, yet can produce the most lucrative results! Learn Khama’s money-making tele-seminar formula!

“How to Become a Media Expert” DVD

In this powerful DVD, you will learn how to gain exposure via interviewing! Being in the media, positions you as an expert. Increase your expert status, increase your bottom-line!

“How to Host Live Events for Fun and Profit” DVD

Live Events can be lots of fun and very profitable, if you know what you are doing… or else you will end up in a financial nightmare! Khama has made every mistake in the book, so you don’t have to!

Neurological Reprogramming – Made Easy!

Maximizing your brain’s potential is key to success! Recondition your mind with Khama’s cutting-edge neurological reprogramming techniques!


“Khama’s Millions” DVD

This eye-opening documentary film captures Khama’s personal journey to financial freedom and soon-to-be millionaire status. A raw, behind-the-scenes look at what it really takes to “make it”!

“How to Host a Radio Show & Book Great Guests” DVD

Within two weeks of re-launching her radio show – Khama had celebrity guests!  In this advanced training DVD, Khama shows you EXACTLY how she got them – so you can too!

“How to Become a 6-figure Income Earner – Doing What You Love” DVD

Imagine, doing what you love and earning $10,000/month. Khama has mastered this, and in this DVD you’ll learn how you can, too!

“Simple Time Management” DVD

We all have the same 24 hours each day, but HOW we use those 24 hours is the difference between major success and major failure!

Book – The Three Phases Of Spiritual Fitness

Life is a 24-hour, 7 days a week, 365 days per year spiritual health club! This book will teach you how to unleash breakthroughs in every area of your life.


Meditation CD

Listen to this relaxing and inspirational CD while meditating, taking a luxurious bubble bath, hiking in the hills, or in the evening before your bedtime.