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My simple yet comprehensive approach triggers cellular level change, resulting in radical shifts in mindset and behavior. I combine the principles of spiritual fitness, the laws of quantum physics, the science of neurological reprogramming, and the powerful Word of God – to bring about permanent change!

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Khama Anku

Life Coach, Author & Speaker

“With God, All Things Are Possible” (Matthew 19:26)

Khama is an extremely gifted life and business coach. Her work is done with a high level of integrity and respect. Her expertise and knowledge is extensive and easy to implement for quick results. She has been excellent at pin-pointing solutions for my business while still illustrating a high level of compassion and professionalism beyond what was expected.

She has truly been a blessing in my life, and her structured program called In6Months.com has changed the direction of my business in a short period of time. You can not work with Khama without finding out that she has a huge heart and an inspiring love for God. I respect her greatly, and highly recommend her to anyone who wants someone to help them change their life in a short period of time.”

Candys Houfburg
Bothell, WA



“Khama Anku is one of those rare individuals that just make you become the best person you can be. With a combination of heart, integrity and compassion for others, she has been my life coach for the last two years. She has given me guidance and direction in my personal and professional life and now I have achieved great results in both my business ventures. I thank her deeply and recommend her to all that seek a qualified life coach.”

Roger Silvera
Tampa, FL



“Thank you so much Khama for your loving support and wealth of knowledge. My life and business has been so blessed by your www.In6months.com coaching program. I went from NO clients to paying clients. My level of clarity and confidence has skyrocketed. I’m so grateful that I have you as my coach.”

Lou Ann Kent
Spring, TX


“If you look up the word “Over-Deliver” in the dictionary you will see a picture of Khama! From her Content Rich and High Quality Products to her Intensive, Value Driven 1 on 1 and Group Coaching Sessions, Khama lays it all out on a Silver Platter with Absolutely ZERO Hype and NO Guesswork to be done!

My investment in the In6Months.com is hands down one of the best investments into my Personal & Business Development that I’ve ever made, and I’ve invested THOUSANDS! Since being in the program, I’ve learned how to EASILY attract and secure IDEAL PAYING CLIENTS into my new home-based coaching & mentoring business!!! GOD is Truly using her in a Major Way!”

Marquel Russell
Atlanta, Georgia


“Khama as a person and along with her coaching has totally inspired me and uplifted me in my life! I have also been much more aware of my thoughts, more focused on only what I want, and have increased my faith that good things are coming even if I don’t see them yet (instead of worrying and being impatient). I feel more fearless, grateful and excited for the future! Things are happening much faster than ever before!

I am a Los Angeles based Make-Up Artist and my income raised within the first 2 weeks of working with Khama! I wanted more income and I am getting booked up effortlessly everyday!

And within the first month of being in www.In6Months.com:

#1) I’ve had a goal to being flown around the world to travel more and for work, I got booked a few days ago on a film & I am being flown out to NYC next month for 8 days!!

#2) I held an event with a friend/business partner last week, we organized everything that had a great turn out. I didn’t feel nervous or shy of speaking in front of a big group of women (which used to scare the hell out of me!)

#3) I was recently hired to work at a big amazing motivational workshop in November & some other exciting speaking opportunities are coming into my life where I have been asked to speaking at another women’s workshops. I feel more confident in myself and my business!

#4) When I started working with Khama and in my goals I kept affirming that I had a nice, professional new car that came easily, fast and effortlessly! Then suddenly I crashed my car, totaling it! (Not the way I had planned for this change but the universe works in mysterious ways! lol) Then within 1 week I got an amazing deal and have a new Prius that I found on a lot within 2 miles of where I live!! It all happened so fast & easily!!

#5) I have also noticed massive improvements in my personal dating life! I am more honest and speak up and ask for what I want, before I was to scared to say what I really wanted or let my guard down/let other people in! I feel so many other things starting to shift and I cant wait to keep ticking more goals off my list!!

Khama, Thank you so much for your amazing support and encouragement!”
Phoebe Dawson
Los Angeles, CA


“I have had the pleasure of working with Khama Anku as my business coach through SpiritualPhysique.com Life Coaching.

Khama masterfully employs spiritual insight, wisdom, and passion to effectively equip and empower her clients. As a direct and instant result of her influence, my company has soared to new levels of success which were once a mere wish! I was also honored to be featured expert on Khama’s world-class panel of life-changing speakers, trainers, and coaches on Khama’s Tele-Summit.

Armed with a heart of genuine love and a true desire to see you “UNLEASH YOUR BREAKTHROUGH,” Khama designed, organized, and hosted the Summit to ignite CHAMPIONS to get off the bench and back into the game! I am thoroughly convinced that Khama’s high energy is infectious, her work ethics are impeccable, and her coaching programs are ingenious! I highly recommend her services to take you to next level of your greatness!” Myles W. Miller
Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, Radio Personality
Detroit, MI



Oh…my…goodness! The first time I saw Khama (on Youtube) I KNEW I wanted her to be my Coach. And I’m glad God sent her to me! After just 8 weeks of being an Elite Client, I’ve been instilled with the insight and confidence to breath life into my business. I am releasing my Transformation Program in May, and I have secured clients who are EXCITED to be working with me. I knew all of this was possible before, but working with Khama has really helped me bring it out and put myself out there. Thank you so much. I love you!

Tiffany McDaniel
Saint Louis, Missouri


“I was so blessed to be guided to Khama at Spiritual Physique. I have come across many coaches, but something very unique and special hit me about Khama. She is open, authentic and beautiful hearted. Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious and she fills you with hope, joy and belief in yourself and your desire to achieve your goals . Her patience, love and compassion is enormous and she really walks her talk. Khama is a blessing to this world, a beacon of light, to which I have great respect and love for. I urge you to follow this shining, bright example if you wish you improve any area of your life. Truly magnificent. Thank you Khama for remembering who you are and helping others to do the same…..we are lighting up this beautiful world!”

Leah Thomas
Poole, United Kingdom


“Khama is a warm and generous lady, who has created a unique community across the world with her www.in6months.com coaching program. Her course is content rich, and full of learnings.

She has pushed me out of my comfort zone, and within the first 2 months of working with Khama – I completed my ebook “Supreme Confidence in 7 Days” as well as a 90-day Confidence Coaching program. I also created my first 3-day retreat set in the lush Champneys Springs resort. Khama has also coached me to record interviews, which have been great for spreading my message to new customers. Highly recommended.”

Gabby Mottershed
Manchester, United Kingdom


“I would highly recommend that you get in www.In6Months.com! Khama taught me how to properly structure my coaching program, how to market myself, create videos, and SECURE IDEAL PAYING clients – within the first 30 days! My biz is SOARING and my confidence is OFF THE CHARTS!!!

Khama is fun-loving, focused and truly committed to her client’s success, she even includes 1:1 coaching in her programs – so you get all of the support and accountability you need!! Go apply RIGHT NOW! Trust me, you will not regret it! www.in6months.com”

Carla Armstrong
Baltimore, MD



“Khama Anku has been an exceptional coach. She has certainly delivered exceptional value and amazing opportunities to move my profile and business forward. She has been very supportive and created a safe environment for me to test my wings but has also held me accountable and guided me to new heights. I highly recommend Khama Anku as a coach. She is an EXPERT in her field.

Daniella Slabbert
London, United Kingdom


“Khama is a passionate and motivated Life Coach with a strong drive towards helping other coaching practices. She creates opportunities for people to effectively reach a large audience with a goal of helping individuals achieve their goals and dreams to improve their lives or business. My experience with Khama is that she has tremendous follow through and an excitement which is contagious! I highly recommend working with Khama in whatever capacity you require.”

Katie Meilleur
Toronto, Canada


“It is amazing how a mind-shift will make all of the difference in the world! Even when it’s just a reminder of what you know to be true, Khama has a way helping to redirect my thoughts back to where they belong- success, impact, prosperity, and peace! I am grateful; since our coaching calls, I have seen a tremendous upswing in what I am attracting…. all because my focus has changed. – Thanks Khama!

Tish Times
El Paso, TX


Khama is an excellent coach that has such great passion and experience in assisting her clients reach their highest potential. She not only will coach you along to assist you in your vision, but she will also provide a platform to expose you to an additional client base. She will provide you with strategies to build your business step-by-step with her monthly calls. She’s truly an expert!”

Stephanie McKenny
Columbia, South Carolina


“Khama Anku is an excellent business coach. I would highly encourage you to join her program – www.in6months.com. I just started and I’m amazed at the results from one call! My business is already expanding from following her directions! My life & business has been forever changed!

Ashley Hill
Cincinnati, OH


“Before becoming one of Khama’s Elite Clients, I was not maintaining my deadlines and needed accountability. Khama’s firm, but loving coaching has not only taught me how to keep my deadlines, but has helped me accomplish BIG goals – such as launching my own life coaching company! Khama has supported me in many ways, including: helping me increase my faith, get over my excuses, follow my passion, stay organized and step into the life I have always wanted.”

Christina Indar
Tampa, FL


“If you’re looking to catapult your business to the next level, if you’re looking to remove the barriers in your life that are not serving you. Khama will absolutely help you do that!

I found Khama on-line, and for a long time she was my “virtual mentor” – following her videos and teachings. Then, when the opportunity came around for me to coach with her, to be personally mentored one-on-one… I jumped on it!!! My business has been going vertical ever since. Khama has really been able to give me the blueprint on exactly which strategies and methods work best for me (my personality type and how I work) to help my business. I’m so grateful to her! She’s been a blessing to me in my life!”

Yvar Belotte
Tampa, FL


“Our connection is a divine happening I know this for sure! I’m having amazing results with you as my coach. Your example is phenomenal as a Coach.

Thank you so much Khama. I’m learning from one of God’s chosen ones. ;0)”

Atarah Wright
Edmond, Oklahoma


“I would like to share how Khama Anku and Spiritual Physique has been such a blessing to me. I am very grateful for the return on my investment and the very personable time Khama spends during the one on one coaching time. Khama truly invests into you personally as a whole; listening and discerning the root to the problem or situation. Khama gives very practical, simple steps to reaching your goals and she’s very encouraging. I love that she and Spiritual Physique are based on the word of God. And reading her book and listening to the Unleash Your Breakthrough 12-CD SET has helped me see myself differently, to face and overcome my fears and have a new perspective on taking care of business both personally and professionally. I give all glory to God and honor her for operating within the anointing placed on her life. Thank you for living on purpose!”

Kessa Moore
Omaha, NE


“I love that Khama is so direct and has such great experience to share and oh my gosh, it really works!!! Thank you my wise, clever, innovative, loving, generous Coach!”

Tina Nies
Flint, Michigan



“Khama is a powerful speaker. Her signature keynotes are fit for corporate conventions, organizational gatherings, personal empowerment events and high schools/college assemblies. With more than 30 powerful personal and professional development videos, well-crafted e-books, audios and programs, Khama is so real and brings the right solution for the person or organization that wants to not just get TO the next level but also get THROUGH the next level.

Khama is firm in her calling. Truly if you’re not ready…she will tell you. If you are being lazy…she will tell you. She doesn’t waste your time with frivolous smoke and mirrors. If you are not giving yourself enough credit, Khama will tell you and then help you see how you HAVE made significant progress.

I am reminded as I write this that one of the characteristics of a leader is to love and be loved. (Why else does one pave the way for others?) Such is a fine description of Khama. Her heart is to see people set free from the hindering limitations of their mind. So when she creates, you can bet that it is to make a way for others to succeed and cultivate abundance! If you are ready and willing to follow instructions, then you are ready for Khama’s no-nonsense coaching and training to catapult your life beyond the limits of your current level. I highly recommend that you check her out on the web: www.spiritualphysique.com . While you’re there, click on the tabs and EXPLORE her site, sign up for the free e-books and audio, visit the social media icons, order your copy of “Unleash Your Breakthrough” – A 12 week coaching program. (I suggest that YOU go get it too!)”

Lakisha Canady-Toussaint
Honolulu, HI


“Thank you for being in my life Khama! You are truly a God send! You are helping me to organize & formulate the vision that God gave me in 2009 and you have encouraged me to birth the book that God put on my heart in 2000.”

Megan Mottley
Memphis, TN




“To be quite frank, when I was considering taking Khama on as my coach I was a bit suspicious. I thought, How wise could she be, at her age? Could she really assist me in unleashing my healer and leader? Is this a good use of my time and energy?

I decided to venture forth and see. Well, I give thanks that I didn’t allow my inner critic to decide for me and deny me a life altering experience. Hadn’t I’d prayed for a coach who would hold me accountable and not coddle me? Well, God answered my prayer when He directed me to Khama through a dear friend. Khama is insightful and direct. And yet, she’s one of the most loving and generous professionals that I’ve ever met. What inspires me even more than Khama’s powerful coaching is her absolutely divine example of what is possible for us when we believe in ourselves and God. One day, while watching one of Khama’s content-rich DVDs I got it: I don’t have to be perfect to be powerful. And I don’t have to have “it all together” to be ready to serve and make a difference. I’m having breakthrough after breakthrough! I give thanks.”

DeBora M. Ricks
Baltimore, Maryland


“Oh my goodness, being with Khama has been an amazing journey. By listening to her Unleash your Breakthrough CDs and DVD’s for example: “How to clear your clutter in 30 days” – when I cleared out the clutter I felt free. I can literally feel the difference of the type of energy I am attracting into my life. With each CD that you listen to & each DVD you watch, you will find yourself making some incredible changes in your life.

She encourages you to have a new attitude of gratitude and it feels soooo good. And to realize that you are full of greatness. That you have all that you need already inside of you. To realize that you should be living in the greatness that God designed you to be.

So many off us think that our lives are so limited and we think that we are in this terrible situation.

Khama helps you to start a whole new chapter and to expect good things to happen to you because you deserve it!

Delia Veronica Joseph
Winnipeg, Manitoba


Thank you Khama for your inspiration and support. I’ve made more progress in the last few months that I have in the past few years!

Judith Wilson
Adelphi, Maryland


Khama, your coaching program is exactly what I had been praying for. Your coaching calls provide valuable information and resources that help me to stay focused on my goals and your weekly success calls are the icing on the cake!! I appreciate your boldness to PUSH me as needed and encourage me along the way. I look forward to celebrating successes with you throughout this program and for many years to come! You are truly a GOD SEND!

Monique Spence
Houston, Texas


“Khama Anku has some of the most amazing ideas as a business owner I have ever seen. She’s smart and is also an amazing implementer – which means she knows how to get a lot of things done in a short amount of time. Her telesummits are amazing. If you have a chance to work with this amazing woman, you should not hesitate, but find a way to say yes!” Diane Conklin


“Khama Anku is a fabulous host, an attentive listener genuinely interested in what her guest experts have to share, and with an addictive energy about her that makes her interviews lively and enticing. I spoke at her No Limits Telesummit on “How To Create An Irresistible Brand That Will Attract Your Ideal, High Paying Clients Like Clockwork”. I highly recommend collaborating with Khama. She has attracted a wonderful tribe, and is a gifted connector you’ll just love to be in the presence of. Khama goes above and beyond for her speakers and her audience, so rest assured that you will be taken care of in the best of ways.”

Martina Srblin
“Khama was such a great host and interviewer for myself and the other experts in her No Limits Telesummit. As this was my first time being a presenter on a telesummit, I was a bit nervous about how the interview would flow. But she immediately made me feel at ease and guided the call perfectly for me to present my information in an impactful way.

Her questions were relevant and intelligent, and gave a voice to the silent listeners. Khama’s promotion before, during, and after the telesummit through a variety of social media outlets has been creative, attentive, and consistent. I would definitely work with her again as a joint venture partner!”

Lisa Smith



“Khama Anku of SpiritualPhysique.com is an inspiration to every entrepreneur in pursuit of building the life and business of their dreams! I had the pleasure of being a featured expert on Khama’s Telesummit, a brilliant initiative that saw Khama interview OVER 35 EXPERTS as they shared powerful secrets on living life unstoppable! Passionate with a big heart, Khama is always seeking ways to give more, share more, grow more and literally exemplifies living life without limits. I would highly recommend Khama if you’re looking for a success coach who delivers results over and over again. Check her out at www.SpiritualPhysique.com and take advantage of the resources she has on offer. Life-changing stuff!”

Noreen Mak’Osewe




“Everything Khama does is with passion and enthusiasm. You know when she puts her mind to something, she’s going to give 150%. It was an honor working with her as a guest on her Telesummit.”

Barbara Desmarais
“Khama Anku is one of the new thought leaders that’s leading the way in online engagement marketing. She is a high quality content provider who is an expert in building collaborations with professionals in diverse fields of expertise. Few people in my humble opinion have mastered the art of growing people while helping everyday entrepreneurs build successful and lucrative business. She is truly someone worth knowing and receiving consultation to take your business to new levels of prosperity.”

Chris Gloss

“Khama is a passionate and motivated Life Coach with a strong drive towards helping other coaching practices. She creates opportunities for people to effectively reach a large audience with a goal of helping individuals achieve their goals and dreams to improve their lives or business. My experience with Khama is that she has tremendous follow through and an excitement which is contagious! I highly recommend working with Khama in whatever capacity you require.”

Katie Meilleur

“I recently met Khama when she approached me to participate in her No Limits Telesummit. I was so excited by the opportunity and could tell immediately that Khama would be amazing to work with. She’s an amazing woman who offers tons of resources and opportunity to all those she comes into contact with her. Her spirit is infectious and her ideas empowering. If you ever get a chance to work with Khama, either as a client or collaborator, don’t miss the chance!”

Rachel Grant





“Khama is in one word : FOCUSED I watched her create in a few short weeks something extraordinary with the Telesummit of which she graciously invited me to be a part of. As a host, Khama was well organised and made it easy to get the results required with little or no effort and this translates into her business as life and career coach where she creates the same results for her clients. If you would like to have a focused and strategic partner for your business, I can recommend Khama as someone you would definitely need to know.

Elizabeth Archibong



“Khama is a gifted, most talented and very insightful life coach who has so much to offer to others. I feel so blessed and honored to know Khama and to see her grow into a most beautiful person inside and out. Khama is the real “deal,” tried and true through “thick and thin.” Anyone who knows Khama would say she is such a dynamite person, friend and super smart!”

Laura Lewis


“I was honored to be featured expert on Khama’s world-class panel of life-changing speakers, trainers, and coaches on her Tele-Summit. Armed with a heart of genuine love and a true desire to see you “UNLEASH YOUR BREAKTHROUGH,” Khama designed, organized, and hosted the Tele-Summit to ignite CHAMPIONS to get off the bench and back into the game! I am thoroughly convinced that Khama’s high energy is infectious, her work ethics are impeccable, and her coaching programs are ingenious! I highly recommend her services to take you to next level of your greatness!

Myles W. Miller

“I participated in Khama’s No Limits Tele-Summit and was so impressed by the level of professionalism that she exhibits. She brought together over 25 experts from a variety of fields and successfully coordinated the tele-summit. Khama’s enthusiasm is infectious and her passion for helping people reach their potential is clear. I would definitely recommend working with Khama.”

Nailah Blade