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Unleash Your Breakthrough 12-CD Set

In this powerful 12 CD Set, Khama provides you with cutting edge coaching technologies that will transform every area of your life forever. Khama’s system that has produced exceptional results for her private coaching clients is now available to you on CDs!

In this life coaching audio program, you will overcome the internal obstacles that are preventing you from living your ideal life. By implementing the principles of spiritual fitness, utilizing the laws of quantum physics, reprogramming your subconscious mind, and applying the Word of God, you will experience radical, cellular level change.

This is accelerated change in 12 weeks, not 12 years!


  • Feel more confident and secure
  • Achieve emotional state management
  • Acquire radiant health and energy
  • Develop satisfying relationships
  • Activate the flow of wealth creation
  • Succeed at work you love
  • Experience a deeper connection with God

12 content-rich coaching CDs (scroll down to sample CD #1)
FREE Book: The Three Phases of Spiritual Fitness!
FREE Meditation CD “An Awareness to Divinity”! (scroll down for a sample track)
FREE Carrying Case for Easy Transporting!
An optional, complimentary 30-day trial of The Spiritual Spa**new members only. The membership is month-to-month, no contracts and you may cancel before your trial expires. Your credit card will be charged $1 to activate the membership. After 30 days, the membership fee is just $29/month.


“Unleash Your Breakthrough has allowed me to look at myself from many different facets – especially checking my health gauge. I am challenged to go deeper and do more for myself than I would otherwise. The CD set is designed to allow one to see the BREAKTHROUGHS and increase clarity, purpose & focus – and to go at IT with rigorous abandonment!”

Roger Silvera
Tampa, FL

Q. Khama, who is “Unleash Your Breakthrough” geared towards?

A. Men and women who want to unleash breakthroughs in their lives in 90 days or less. Basically, anyone who wants to live his or her dream life (rather than keep on dreaming about it)!

If you are ready to completely transform your life, or simply want to become a better version of who you already are, this program was designed for you.

In just 12 weeks you will begin to transform your life from the inside-out, on the spiritual, cellular and subatomic levels. The transformation starts on the spiritual level and manifests on the physical?in the areas of health, relationships, wealth creation and career.


Q. Khama, what makes your CD SET DIFFERENT from other programs?

A. First of all, the program is affordable! Some people are price-sensitive and I have seen too many go into financial chaos trying to improve their lives. I do not want that for you. Therefore, the pricing is very reasonable. I even offer a stretch-pay plan to make it super easy!

Secondly, it is a supportive system! Many other programs give you a bunch of tid bits, where you ultimately end up learning very little and are even more confused. Whereas THIS teaches an actual step-by-step system with practical exercises to complete DURING the CD coaching sessions AND practical action steps to complete as weekly assignments. The system is also embedded with accelerated learning techniques to stimulate whole brain learning, full comprehension and long-term memory retention.


Q. Khama, what EXACTLY are on the CDs?

A. The CD SET is my entire 90-day Spiritual Physique life coaching program that I personally use with my one-on-one clients. The CDs are comprehensive, interactive and full length (between 35-45 minutes each).

Each CD is a true hands-on coaching session to make your dreams a reality. Meaning, you leave the session having had a participatory experience with an action-oriented assignment to complete for the week.

Before the 90 days are up, you will have created a shift in your subconscious – which is SO important because 96% of your behavior is driven by your subconscious! This program will help you identify, SHATTER and replace your limiting beliefs; teach you how to live righteously; and empower you to go after what you really want and SEE your life change!
In addition to the 12 CDs, there is also a meditation CD. Here’s a sample of one of the meditation tracks on the meditation CD.


Q. Khama, you incorporate the Word of God, do I have to be a Christian?

A. No. My experience has been that Bible-based Christian Principles enhance every aspect of the program. Although you do not have to be a Christian, an open mind is crucial. When I got saved, my intimate relationship with Jesus catapulted me to another dimension of existence and I genuinely wish for others to experience the same.


Q. Khama, is there a way I can sample one of the CDs?

A. Certainly! You can preview my 90-Day “Unleash Your Breakthrough” 12-CD SET that has been changing lives all over the world!
If you want to unleash powerful breakthroughs and transform your life, take 45 minutes, sample the ENTIRE 1st CD of the Unleash Your Breakthrough coaching system at no cost and if you like it, order the complete CD SET!

TRY IT BEFORE YOU BUY IT! To receive your FREE CD, click the link below. Once you register, you’ll also have the option to download the audio file instantly, if that’s what you prefer. Or we can ship you an audio CD!



“I’m LaKeisha Hankins and before plugging into Spiritual Physique I was held back by lack of confidence, fear of success, procrastination and overwhelmed by trying to do too much at one time. I knew exactly what I was called to do, but I was jumping from idea to idea, being distracted left and right and throwing away money. I was not getting the results I wanted.

By going through the SP 90 day program I was able to identify what roadblocks where holding me back, get rid of things that no longer aligned with my purpose, overcome fear and really start walking in faith.”

LaKeisha Hankins
Roswell, Georgia


Q. Khama, I am ordering a CD SET as a gift, do you offer gift wrapping?

A. Yes, at the “checkout counter” you will have the option of adding gift wrapping to your shopping cart order.


Q. Khama, the CD SET includes your book, can you autograph it?

A. Yes, at the “checkout counter” you will have the option of adding an autographed copy to your shopping cart order. Please specify if the order is for you or a friend in the “special requests” section at the bottom of the order form, if you’d like for me to personalize it.


Q. Khama, do you ship internationally?

A. Yep! My warehouse is located in Los Angeles, California and we ship world-wide! The 12-CD SET and 5 bonus are shipped via the United States Postal Service. All you need to do is enter your country to take care of the international Shipping & Handling added in the shopping cart!


Q. Khama, is coaching available WHILE I am doing the CD Set?

A. Yes! This CD SET will provide everything you need and more. But, if you would like extra encouragement and direction, attend a Live Event.


“I can not begin to express how the “Unleash Your Breakthrough” 12 CD SET has helped me on my journey. I continue to see how my life has been impacted by going through Khama’s program.

Khama has said her success rate with the program is 100% minus the people who do not follow directions or quit, well… I did what I was instructed to do and did not give up, and I am reaping the benefits of my obedience. The 12 CD set is a Godsend. Thanks Khama!”

Walter Sims
Dothan, Alabama




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“I have truly been blessed by your Unleash your Breakthrough CD SET, it is helping me to find the clarity I need to organize my thoughts and approach my business with passion and not just a passing hobby. Your CD’s and DVD’s are so motivational, it’s like having a coaching call with you whenever I want! I value my daily dose of Khama….lol. May God continue to Bless you to inspire others to LIVE their Dreams! YOU ROCK!”

Monique Spence
Vision Coach

“The 12 CD set, “Unleash your breakthrough” is an invaluable tool for accomplishing major transformation in your life. It is obvious that Khama’s wisdom and exercises come straight from experience and straight from the heart.

Beyond her expertise, she has the magic touch. I find myself accomplishing long procrastinated goals with no fuss, attracting opportunities totally aligned with my long term vision, and the best part is my income is growing steadily. Without a doubt, this program offers me the support I need to take my healing practice and my life to the next level!”

CC Treadway
Energy Healer
Sedona, Arizona

“Unleash Your Breakthrough is a set of CDs that speaks to every area of life. I listen to them as a ritual every night. Some people read/listen to Think & Grow Rich & The Secret continually, I listen to Unleash Your Breakthrough the same way.

The mediation CD is a part of the set & it is AMAZING! I could be feeling disconnected spiritually, put it in and light a soy candle and be moved to a new plane. What makes the experience with Spiritual Physique so unique, is that Khama is so personable, knowledgeable & full of LOVE. When I put in one of her CDs or Instructional DVDs, it is like sitting & talking with my girlfriend.

Jennifer Mabin
St. Louis, Missouri


“The unleash your breakthrough program totally changed my life! Before doing the 90 day program with Spiritual Physique I knew that there was more that I wanted out of life but I was stuck, unfocused, paralyzed by fear and self sabotaged any positive action.

In just a few months I broke down barriers I did not even know I had, gained clarity & confidence and increased my faith!

I now have clarity and know exactly where I am heading and I am excited about it. Through this program and with Khama’s loving and hands-on exceptional coaching, I was prompted to stop with all the excuses and take massive action towards my goals. All this with simple, effective techniques that I applied right away.

Khama thank you so much! You are truly great and the way this CD Set is put together is just brilliant. I am grateful because it has changed every area of my life.

“As a speaker, I am aware of the importance of being able to connect to your audience or students on a spiritual level. In her CD series Unleash Your Breakthrough; Khama touches you on a intellectual, emotional and spiritual level that makes you feel, think and finally decide to TAKE ACTION – the actions that you were unable to take before!

The simple, YET POWERFUL message of each CD, especially CD#3, THE POWER OF PEOPLE; is life changing. In this CD, Khama explains why you CANNOT have a toxic draining relationship with yourself! If you abuse yourself, others will abuse you as well.

Listening to THE POWER OF PEOPLE helped me to realize that the person or obstacle that was hindering my breakthrough WAS ME! By disrespecting myself and NOT living up to my own standards, I was unknowingly making it okay for others to disrespect me as well.”

Willie “Will” Rogers
San Antonio, Texas



Problem ordering? Call us toll free at (888) 339-8450 EXT. 701
or email