The Exclusive Apprentice Day Program

The Apprentice Day Program!

If you would like to be a “fly on the wall” during the course of my work-day, while obtaining HANDS-ON experience…come join me for an in-person “VIP Day”! You can ask questions, take tons of notes, have a great time and learn what took me over 10 years and $125,000 to build – all in one day!


If want to spend an enriching, fun-filled day with me in my home office in beautiful Los Angeles, CA sign up to be my VIP for a day!

After a day with me, you’ll have to try (very hard) not to produce results!

You can watch me: schedule my day, recruit new business, close sales, create product, film a video, make business decisions, strategically plan events or market on the internet!

We can even spend a portion of your VIP day on private coaching – I can review your business plan, critique your website/marketing materials and give you priceless feedback – so you can BYPASS mistakes and make a B-LINE straight to success!

It’s amazing what we can get through together in a day if you come prepared with your specific questions and challenges you’d like to work on.

You may have a SOLO day and come on your own or PARTNER UP with someone, (business owner-personal assistant, husband-wife team, co-workers, business partners, for example). OR, you can request that we partner you up with someone.

Plus, a new option is a SMALL GROUP, for the price-sensitive – be part of a group of 3-5 people. You’ll still learn a TON, plus it’s a little easier on your checkbook than the solo or partner programs.




Check out this video testimonial from Roger Silvera from Florida

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Check out this video testimonial from Leisa Douglas from Chicago

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ONE FULL VIP DAY in my home office near Beverly Hills!

My office is just 10 minutes from the famous Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills! As a VIP guest, you’ll see exactly how I run my international business from a spacious, yet organized home office. Your VIP day will begin at 10am and run through until 6pm. It will be a first-class total immersion of consulting, mentoring and coaching. Before you arrive, you’ll receive a short form to let my team and I know EXACTLY what’s on your “wish list” of action items to see while at my home office.



BONUS #1) Complimentary Healthy Meals

Delicious Lunch, Dinner & Refreshments will be served.
We’ll have a lunch break and go to Rodeo Drive! We’ll have a “working lunch” in style in an upscale restaurant! After our yummy lunch, we’ll had back to the office for Part 2 of your VIP DAY.

Plus, before you are driven back to your hotel (or airport, if you’re catching a flight right after the VIP day), I’ll order in a delicious dinner. We will go over your learnings and I can answer any questions before you leave. *Refreshing & energizing drinks will be served throughout the day, so you’ll be well-hydrated and alert, naturally.


BONUS #2) Complimentary Luxury Hotel Room

When you arrive for your VIP day, we’ll put you up in a luxury hotel close to the office. Your hotel will have impeccable service, an elegant ambiance and a host of resort-like amenities (including high-speed internet access and fitness center). Your room will be booked for the day before your VIP day, so you can get a good night’s sleep and be at the office on-time and ready to go the following day! *Complimentary shuttle service from LAX airport to hotel is included. Plus, luxury ground transportation will be provided for your VIP day (see below).



BONUS #3) Complimentary Car Service

Roundtrip luxury transportation from the hotel to my home office will be provided. My office is close to the LAX airport, so if you are coming from out of town, you don’t even need to rent a car, we’ve got you covered! All you need to do is hop on a plane!



BONUS #4) Complimentary Follow-up Phone Session

One follow-up 30-minute phone session approximately 2 weeks after the apprenticeship is included! If you do a solo apprenticeship this will be a 1:1 call, if it is a double or group apprenticeship, this will be a group call. After your VIP day, you’ll have a chance to implement everything you learned and come to the call for a “tune-up”, so I can access and tweak (if necessary) any of your action steps.



Watch this Quick Video about my VIP Day!

  • Learn how to implement marketing strategies that work!
  • Learn how to ATTRACT high-quality clients
  • Learn how to package, store and ship products from your home
  • Learn how to do what you love FULL-TIME
  • Learn how to make an annual 6-figure income
  • Learn how to market for maximum exposure, visibility and client attraction
  • Learn how to work from home and work the hours you wish – by watching someone who does!
  • Learn how to work anywhere in the world, only needing your computer and a phone
  • Learn how to help others live their best lives, while living your own
  • Learn how to create a company with a powerful track record of amazing success stories
  • Learn how to market and sell – with ease
  • Learn how to set your prices and confidently discuss your fees
  • Learn how to convey a professional posture and gain instant credibility
  • Learn client billing and payment processing
  • Learn how to leverage a basic website – to make money!
  • Learn how to build your business in record time
  • Learn how to build passive income streams
  • Learn how and when to offer discounts on products, programs & events
  • Learn how to conduct your business with honesty, integrity and a commitment to excellence
  • Learn how to create an EMPIRE out of thin air

Just so you know…

  • I have written & published a book
  • I have written & produced 28 instructional DVDs
  • I have written & produced a meditation CD
  • I have created a groundbreaking 12-CD SET
  • I host a weekly radio show
  • I have international 1:1 coaching clients
  • I have apprentices fly cross-country to spend one day in my office
  • I host live events in cities across the country
  • I offer quality e-books for new opt-ins
  • I have been a guest on numerous talk radio shows
  • I have over 65 videos on youtube with over 15,000 views on my page
  • I have collected powerful client testimonials
  • I have a LARGE presence on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube & LinkedIn
  • I have a 24-hour prayer center
  • Plus I travel frequently – for both business and pleasure
  • I’m on 3 continents yearly (for the past 4 years consecutively).
  • To top it off, my products are shipped world-wide & I have international clients!
  • Spiritual Physique is BLOWING UP – and I will not have the time for very much longer to show people individually what I do – behind the scenes!

Investment Option 1 (ONE PERSON):

$4,995* for one SOLO 8-hour day

Investment Option 2 (TWO PEOPLE):

$3,995* EACH for one PARTNER 8-hour day

Investment Option 3 (THREE-FIVE PEOPLE):

$2,495* EACH for one SMALL GROUP 8-hour day  
ONLY $249 – TODAY ONLY – 90% OFF



*Can’t travel? But you still want IN…Sign up & join us via private live stream video, we’ll get you connected.



Step 1. Place your order (above)

Step 2. Return “wish list” form – it should take no longer than 20 minutes to fill out. Let us know why you are coming and what you’d like to see.

Step 3. Attend the 1-day VIP program in sunny Los Angeles, CA!

Problem ordering? Call us toll free at (888) 339-8450 EXT. 706 or email