Unleash Your Breakthrough Event

This Event Will Unleash Powerful Breakthroughs in every area of your LIFE! I know first hand what it takes to dig myself out of a painful rut of depression, mental bondage and emotional captivity and then reach the kind of success I always yearned for.

I went from a deep depression at the age of 23, the same time I received my calling (to help and heal masses of people around the world) to writing a book in 8 weeks. THEN, sabotaging it all and finding myself in $75,000 of debt, evicted and working as an exotic dancer to try to make ends meet!

When I finally made the decision to walk boldly into my calling and follow a system I created, with GOD, my life has never been the same. I work full-time as a life coach, author and speaker and LOVE it. Not only because of the time freedom and financial rewards, but the human rewards! CHANGING LIVES!

I am 100% committed to getting YOU out of your rut and catapulting YOU to your next level.

This event is NOT a “motivational” seminar where you feel good and walk away still lacking the skill sets to go forward!

This is a BREAKTHROUGH SEMINAR where you come to leave your past behind and skyrocket into your future with confidence and class! This is a BREAKTHROUGH SEMINAR where you learn how to permanently transform your life from the inside-out!


Watch Video Footage from the Last LA Event!

“The “Unleash Your Breakthrough” Live Event was explosive! We were filled to the capacity with insightful information until our cups were running over! We received the overflow!”

Dr. Robin King
Long Beach, California


If you are looking for a breakthrough and I mean really looking – you will get it! That event was awesome! I advise anyone needing a breakthrough to the next level in their ministry or business to attend the next event, purchase the CD’s and join the Spa Membership. It is worth every penny. Those two days helped me to gain great perspective.

Khama, you have a true gift from God and I so appreciate your humility and giving heart. There are few out there that come close to what you offer. Keep doing what you do! It is blessing women and now men. Oh my God! Is that not amazing or what!”

Margaret Burroughs
Arlington, TX


“KHAMA! The event was HOT like FIRE, loved every bit of it, whoever is reading this PLEASE DO NOT MISS THE NEXT ONE YOU WILL BE AMAZINGLY BLESSED, BLESSED, BLESSED!”

Jenn Mabin
St.Louis, Missouri


The Spiritual Physique Event has changed my life. I know God put Khama in my life for a reason – to bring out the best in me!”

Yolanda Torres
Redding, California

Here’s Just Some of The Skills and Strategies You Will Learn That Will Absolutely Change Your Life and Explode Your Business and Why You Absolutely Cannot Afford to Miss It:


How to wake up with joy and passion – DAILY!

How to have peace of mind

How to develop an intimate connection with God

How to fall madly in love with yourself

How to have your prayers answered

How to create and maintain a spiritual fitness routine

How to develop authentic and unstoppable confidence


How to improve your appearance instantly

How to be attractive to yourself (which is most important)

How to stick to a healthy lifestyle and eating plan

How to WANT to work out, create time for it and enjoy it

How to clear the clutter and live in organized environments


How to heal relationships

How to empower people to rise up

How to rid yourself of anger, resentment or jealousy

How to be happily single

How to prepare for your soulmate

How to heal a painful relationship

How to improve your existing relationships

How to tactfully let go of the “losers” in your life, so you can be a winner

The 10-Step Self-Restoration Plan I created and used to RELEASE the damaging effects of unforgiveness



How to make TONS of money – FAST

How to eliminate DEBT quickly!

How to become a 6-figure income earner doing what you love

How to release the poverty mind-set once and for all!

The #1 secret I discovered that turned my financial life around overnight!


How to motivate yourself to follow through in your business

How to EASILY SELL your life calling via products and services

How to create an entrepreneurial skill set for quick business growth

What EXACTLY to do to generate TONS of money doing what you LOVE

My top secret formula that transformed my business in 2 years

How to overcome the fear that is standing between you and your dreams

Learn skills to motivate people to CHEERFULLY buy from you

How to master client attraction – no more begging for clients

How to get your company off the ground in record time!

How to market like an expert – and feel confident

How to build your dream business into an income-generating business

How to get RESULTS for your clients and customers, so they keep coming back!

I am an Expert Life Coach and RESULTS are my specialty.

You Will Leave This Seminar With the SKILL SETS to take every area of your life to another level.

This seminar will focus directly on re-wiring YOU! I DO NOT just teach information, I teach application techniques in a format that is infused with neurological reprogramming strategies to change your subconscious mind so that productive behavior is AUTOMATIC! 96% of your behavior is controlled by the subconscious mind, so if you want results, you’ve got to create change on that level!

If you are ready for a life changing experience to become the person you’ve always wanted to be, then don’t miss this powerful 2-day event!

I’m hosting this advanced training because I’m blessed to be a blessing. And I want everyone to learn the life-transforming Spiritual Physique System! This event will sell out, so I urge you to order your ticket NOW and tell all of your friends!

Don’t wait until you have all of your ducks in a row! Take the first step and allow Spirit to bring it all together.


2-Day Intensive ($4,500 value)

I guarantee this high-level training will be life-changing. The entire 2 days will be ALL ABOUT YOU. Getting YOU out of your own way, getting YOU over your blocks and getting YOU to your next level in record time!


A VALUABLE GIFT BAG ($129 value)

Register NOW and you’ll receive a valuable gift bag at the event! I can’t tell you what it is, because it’s a SURPRISE!



Register NOW and you’ll be able to network your business at the event! Bring your business cards and come expecting to make valuable contacts – both for professional as well as personal growth.


A Q&A PHONE SESSION ($499 value)

Also, about 2 weeks after the event, you can call into my FREE Follow-Up Group Q&A Session by Phone. You’ll be able to ask any remaining questions you have about what was covered at the workshop as well as listen to and benefit from others’ questions! This will *ONLY* be available to participants of this LA Event!



2) $1,000 OFF regular price

3) VALUABLE GIFT BAG at the event



6) SUPPORT SYSTEM to build a team


Khama’s Next Live 2 Day Event!

Unleash Your Breakthrough seminar in Los Angeles, CA!

March 24th & 25th, 2018

Register Online (below) or call us toll free at 1-888-339-8450 EXT. 704

NOTE: You must register on-line or by phone

NO “AT-THE-DOOR” REGISTRATIONS! If you have a problem ordering via our secure server, you can call us toll free at 1-888-339-8450 EXT. 704 or submit an e-mail to info@KhamaAnku.com

* Please, no children (16 or younger) allowed in the seminar.

*This event is for both men and women.

* There is an agreement you will be required to sign to attend this event. You will not be allowed into this event without signing the agreement at registration time! The document is a Release & Acknowledgement.

Unleash Your Breakthrough Event Details:

(All details will also be sent to you via email confirmation upon successful registration)

LOCATION: Los Angeles, California!

DATE: March 24th & 25th, 2018

EVENT TIME: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM Saturday, and 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM (give or take an hour) Sunday. Registration check-in is Saturday morning at 9:30 AM. Doors open at 10:00 AM.


SEMINAR LOCATION: Major Hotel (approx. 10 minute drive from LAX airport). Confidential location – guaranteed to provide FREE shuttle to/from airport-hotel. Details and address sent upon registration.

AIRPORT: Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

SEATING IS VERY LIMITED: So pass this info on to anyone and everyone who could use an absolute transformation in their life and business and register ASAP!

IMPORTANT: Please understand that “Unleash Your Breakthrough” is designed as a full 2-day advanced training. I am so convinced of the VALUE that I’ll be delivering in this program, that I am committed to going all out for this fabulous event, including hosting it at a quality hotel, and I am asking the same commitment from you.

I ONLY want committed men & women who are ready to play full-out with a “failure is not an option” mentality, and I don’t want any wishy-washy, 1/2 baked commitment-level people signing up.

Therefore, please note that NO REFUNDS will be issued. If for any reason you choose to cancel, your ticket is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Problem ordering? Call us toll free at (888) 339-8450 EXT. 704
or email info@KhamaAnku.com