NEW Instructional DVDs!

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I have just released over two dozen, new content-rich instructional DVDs! You can now see and hear me as I teach, right from the comfort of your own home!

Each DVD is an hour of easily implementable, info-packed instruction, with a variety of topics ranging from beauty to business building! So you are sure to find what you've been looking for!

Most DVDs include corresponding materials - checklists, tipsheets, resource lists, etc.

These DVDs will change your life - overnight!

Here's a list of Khama's DVD collection (below this list are descriptions):

1) How to Break the Poverty Mindset

2) Happily Single: While Preparing for The One

3) How to Overcome Fear

4) How to Host your own Radio Show and book great guests!

5) How to Run your own Storage, Shipping & Distribution Center from Home

6) Quantum Leap

7) Neurological Reprogramming Made Easy

8) Marketing Tips, Tricks & Techniques

9) Success in Sales

10) How to become a Media Expert

11) Prayer, Fasting & Meditation for Supernatural Blessings

12) Simple Time Management

13) How to Create a CD SET Program

14) How to Build a Business - from the Ground Up

15) How to Lose 10 lbs. in 5 Weeks

16) How to Make Money on Social Media

17) How to Host Live Events for Fun and Profit

18) How to Fill Your Life Coaching Practice with Ideal Clients-FAST

19) How to Write a Book that Sells: from Start to Finish

20) How to Explode Your Business in a Week with Videos

21) How to become a 6-figure Income Earner - Doing What You Love

22) Website Success: How to make your visitors buy from you

23) Beauty 101

24) How to Heal a Broken Heart

25) How to Clear Your Clutter in 30 Days!

26) How to Effectively Conduct Tele-Seminars to Secure Clients & Generate Sales

27) How to Create and Run Monthly Membership Programs

28) Khama's Millions Documentary: A Pathway to Prosperity


How to Build a Business - from the Ground Up!

60-Minute Instructional DVD

A business plan is the ultimate necessity in running a successful business. Even if you have everything else (a fancy website or marketing techniques), you will be extremely ineffective moving forward without a plan.

Can you imagine a heart surgeon going in for surgery with state-of-the-art equipment, but no plan of action. Just a "vision" of how she'd like for it to turn out.

Can you imagine a builder going to build a multi-million dollar home without the architect's plans???

If you do not have a business plan, that is EXACTLY what you are doing. Kinda dumb, huh?

So if you are failing in business, now you know why. Your plan is the lifeblood of your entire professional career. If you don't have one - don't wonder why your business is barely breathing.

But I have good news, I'm here to help...

I'm pleased to announce the launch of my brand-new DVD,

"How to Build a Business from the Ground Up -
with a PLAN!"

For more information: CLICK HERE


How to Break the Poverty Mindset!

98-Minute Instructional DVD

"How to Break the Poverty Mindset is a MUST if prosperity always seems out of your reach. .

I am blessed to be debt-free, doing what I love from home, averaging $10,000/month! As others have blamed the economy for their financial condition, my economy has been exploding - because of my mindset!

It breaks my heart to hear people tell me that they want to take their lives to the next level, but "because of money", they can't! That is simply a lie. It's not money. It's your mindset about money.

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Website Success: How to Make Your Visitors Buy From You

85-Minute Instructional DVD

In the last 10 months, I have quadrupled my income, which is more than I was able to do in the PREVIOUS 10 years! The difference between what I did for the last 10 years vs. what I?ve been doing in the last 10 months is one simple thing - using my website in such a way to ?make? my visitors pull out their credit cards and order on-line.

By using my website, the Internet and email, I now bring in over $10,000.00 per month doing what I love and having a lifestyle I love, too! And if you do the same things I?ve been doing in the last 10 months ? you?ll get the same results, even faster!

I ONLY work when I want to work and have traveled to 3 different continents THREE TIMES in the last three years, all while maintaining a successful on-line business. Without having to get in my car, commute for an hour and sit in some stuffy office with stale bagels, I?m able to earn a great living on my own terms.

I market my name and business all over the Internet and I have become an on-line ?expert? (in my warm-up suit)!

I get hundreds of monthly visitors to my website who are prequalified - that is, they already have an interest in my products and services. And, on average, they buy within the first month of their initial visit.

In this training, I will walk you through my step by step formula to turn your current website into an on-line storefront that makes money. With just a few low-cost strategies, you can easily make-over your WEBSITE into one that's profitable, instead of just pretty!

For more information: CLICK HERE


How to become a 6-figure income earner
- doing what you LOVE!

60-Minute Instructional DVD

Would you like to be a *6-figure income earner*? Did you know that it just takes earning an average of $416/day Monday-Friday to gross over $100,000.00/year! That?s it! And if you only work from 9am-5pm, that?s just $52/hour! Even with a THREE-WEEK VACATION!

What I've discovered is that it's easily said AND easily done IF you have the right beliefs and skill sets to confidently go after it!

Now, why am I so interested in coaching you on becoming a 6-figure income earner? Well, I'm not! I?m interested in coaching you to become a 6-figure income earner ? doing what you LOVE! Doing what God has called you to do. Doing what makes your heart sing!

I personally generate an average of $10,000.00/month using my spiritual and practical "financial infusion" - and I want to give you my *SECRETS*!

For more information: CLICK HERE


How to Run your own Storage, Shipping & Distribution Center from Home!

50-Minute Instructional DVD

In this powerful DVD, you will learn EXACTLY how to set up a sensible storage area, efficiently send product through the mail and distribute your products world-wide without breakage! You'll even get all my tips for the best shipping and tracking methods.

The worst thing you want, is to have orders flying in and an inefficient way to move your products from your home office to your customers. This DVD even includes my easy-to-follow shipping flow chart so you'll know step-by-step what to do AND what not to do (learn from my mistakes)!

For more information: CLICK HERE


How to Create a CD SET Program
From Scratch!

60-Minute Instructional DVD

Last month, I did a sales report of my last 2 years of business and found out that nearly EIGHTY PERCENT (80%) of my gross sales was generated from my "Unleash Your Breakthrough" 12-CD SET!

I immediately thought to myself, "I've got to help my clients! I've got to teach them step-by-step EXACTLY HOW to create a CD SET from Scratch!"

I did it and I'm earning thousands and thousands annually from customers around the world. My CD SET is in countries such as Spain, Canada, Australia, even Ireland!

Isn't that WILD?

So, I'm pleased to announce the launch of my brand-new DVD,

"How to Create a CD SET Program - from Scratch!"

When someone orders my CD SET, they use it in their homes - while I'm out and about! I'm still "coaching" them - even while I'm sleeping!

With this training, you'll be doing the same thing!

In 60 minutes, you'll have EVERYTHING you need to produce your own high-quality CD SET program, from the comfort of your home (using your phone line to record!!!)

Whatever your industry, providing a CD SET version of your program, book or seminar is one of the most intelligent business decisions you could make - remember 80% of my income in the last 2 years was generated from my CD SET!

When I decided to create my CD SET, I had to trail blaze my way through ups and downs and many wrong turns - like searching for a NEEDLE in a haystack, BLINK-FOLDED with the LIGHTS OFF! Seriously, it was that difficult. I didn't have a step-by-step blueprint to walk me through the process. So, it's my pleasure to offer it to you so you don't have to waste all of the time, money and energy I wasted!

So, don't take what I'm offering for granted - because if you do a google search, you'll be hard-pressed to find ANYONE willing to teach you HOW to create a CD SET program.

For more information: CLICK HERE


How to Host a Radio Show and Book Great Guests!

35-Minute Instructional DVD

Within two weeks of re-launching my radio show - I had 6 celebrity guests! New York Times Bestsellers, Multi-millionaires, people who've appeared on National Shows - such as Oprah, The Today Show and Good Morning America for example. In this advanced training DVD, I show you EXACTLY how I got them - so you can too!

When you come from a pure and positive place, where your intention is to promote your guest and treat them well (regardless if they are a celebrity or not) - you will attract THE BEST GUESTS. When you make others look and feel good - you end up looking and feeling good as well.

For more information: CLICK HERE


How to Create and Run Monthly Membership Programs

60-Minute Instructional DVD

Imagine going to get your nails done (or going to watch a football game, for the guys!), having a nice lunch, swinging by your favorite store and coming home to dozens of automatic deposits into your bank account!

I?'ve created this in my life and I can help you create it in yours, too. A passive income stream of continual payments is a great way to express and package your passion while consistently boosting your cash flow.

What I love about my membership program is a that it?s a win-win!

It's a win for my clients, because they get affordable coaching, support and resources to take them to the next level - quickly.

And it?'s a win for me, because I have the ability to do what I love, while creating a lifestyle I love, too!

In this training, you will learn how to create, launch and run a simple continuity program like my Spiritual Spa (which currently has over 350 members world-wide) and watch it bring you recurring monthly revenues ? while you sleep!

If you follow my simple and easy tips, you could have your program up, running and making a profit within weeks. You can easily add an additional $1,000.00 - $5,000.00 a month to your income ? automatically.

For more information: CLICK HERE


How to Overcome Fear!

65 Minute Instructional DVD

In this powerful DVD, you will learn how to Overcome Fear.

Fear is the #1 cause people do not go after their dreams. In this DVD, you will learn how to OBLITERATE the following FEARS:


"For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of love, power and a sound mind!"
(2 Timothy 1:7)

For more information: CLICK HERE


Prayer, Fasting & Meditation

100 Minute Instructional DVD

In this powerful DVD, you will learn how to pray, fast and meditate to get results! These three private disciplines are my behind-the-scenes secrets to my outward success!

For more information: CLICK HERE


Marketing Tips, Tricks & Techniques

60-Minute Instructional DVD

In this powerful DVD, you will learn how to market! Do you know what makes someone succeed in marketing and someone fail? It may not be what you think! The strategies in this training will give you everything you need to create & implement a marketing plan to generate sales, secure ideal clients and generate multiple streams of income.

For more information: CLICK HERE


How to Effectively Conduct Tele-Seminars to Generate Sales and Secure Clients

60-Minute Instructional DVD

Learn my own step-by-step process to secure IDEAL clients and generate massive amounts of product sales in record time by conducting tele-seminars. I have been able to do what I love (working from home and while traveling internationally), only needing a phone and my laptop computer.

I have discovered that tele-seminars (if done correctly) are THE best marketing strategy for quick and easy business building. When I discover something that works - I LOVE to share it with others. The success strategies in this 60-Minute Instructional DVD will not only produce results, they are SO simple, VERY low-cost and you can do them wearing your warm-up suit and fuzzy socks!

Tele-seminars are easy to do, time tested and proven to sell. If you have a passion for something, know that people need it and want to share it over the phone, this training is for you.

From free to paid, single or multiple series, you will learn my secrets on how to use your phone to build your list, sell products and programs and easily generate immediate cash flow! You'?ll even get my personal pre and post teleseminar checklists! (The same ones I use for every tele-seminar to produce stellar results.)

If you APPLY even just ½ of these tips, you can easily add an additional $500-$5,000.00 ? THIS MONTH to your income!

For more information: CLICK HERE


How to FILL your Life Coaching Practice
with Ideal Clients!

60 Minute Instructional DVD

My life coaching business has been booming and I receive phone calls and emails almost everyday from people wanting to succeed in life coaching ? and it's time I share my *SECRETS*!

If you want to experience MASSIVE BUSINESS GROWTH in your coaching practice, you MUST order this DVD!

In this DVD, you will learn:

How to rapidly fill your coaching practice with ideal clients
How to earn over $50/hour ? even if you?re a new coach!
How to get your prospects CHASING YOU! No more begging!!!
How to determine if you need to get certified
How to set your prices to make you and your clients happy
How to set up your home office to position yourself for success
How to effectively conduct comp sessions to generate clientele
How to posture yourself as a life coach, while you still have a 9-5
How to create a coaching package that sells
How to leverage the #1 marketing strategy
How to market to get your phone to ring off the hook and e-mail in box to overflow with eager clients!

Here's your chance to learn my specific coaching, marketing and selling strategies to kick-up your business to the *6-figures* and beyond. If you know that you?re a great coach but don?t know how to boost your business ? let me show you!

For more information: CLICK HERE


How to Lose 10lbs in 5 Weeks!

60 Minute Instructional DVD

Most people don?t know this, but at one point in my life, I was actually 30 lbs. overweight. I was in my 20?s when I moved cross-country from Ohio to California to attend the University of California ? Berkeley. I did the ?freshman fifteen? TIMES TWO!

When I went to visit my mom during Spring Break, I was waiting for her in the airport (back in the 90?s people could actually meet you at the airline gate?remember those good ole days?) Anyways, I was waiting and when I saw her, she was just about to walk by me and I said, ?MOM? while waving my hand to get her attention.

A year or so later she told me that she didn?t recognize me and that is why she didn?t see me. She was looking for a fit, in-shape young woman ? not a, well, let?s say ?fat chick?.

After that episode of being fat, I got myself back in the gym and became addicted to working out and eating right. I even became a certified aerobics instructor and personal trainer and ?lived? in the gym for many years after that. I competed in fitness competitions and intensely studied health and nutrition. Because of those years training, learning and researching ? I?ve developed a skill set of knowledge plus action, that I consistently tap into.

For more information: CLICK HERE


How to Explode Your Business in a Week with Videos

60-Minute Instructional DVD

The week I uploaded my first video on YouTube, my business exploded! I had purchased a cheap (less than $100) webcam from Staples and within hours I had a video on-line. Like magic, I had FREE pre-qualified traffic and leads into my business, simply from getting infront of the camera.

You and I are so blessed to be living in the age of the internet and information marketing. Rather than selling hours for dollars, we can leverage our knowledge and information with direct access to people all over the world. Since being on YouTube, my revenues have exploded to over $10,000/month with loyal clients from the U.S., Canada, Moscow, Australia, Belgium, England, Japan, Venezuela, Ghana, South Africa and more as a direct result of launching my Spiritual Physique YouTube Channel.

Spiritual Physique Life Coaching, is about taking you and your business to the next level, in record time. It is reported that 52% of all web traffic is video content! It is also reported that more than 70% of all web visitors watch online video (according to NY Times)! There is a video marketing formula that works! And I am eager to share it with you. YouYube has been one of the most effective tools in my business. By using it, in conjunction with other marketing strategies, I now have magnified my reach to tens of thousands of ideal clients and customers.

You've heard the saying, ?a picture is worth a thousand words?, well, ?a video is worth millions?!

For more information: CLICK HERE



60-Minute Instructional DVD

In this powerful DVD, you will learn simple steps to manage your time in the most efficient manner. If you have been pulling your hair out because you need about 100 more hours in each day, this training is for you!

We all have the same 24 hours each day, but HOW we use those 24 hours makes the difference between success and failure.

For more information: CLICK HERE



60-Minute Instructional DVD

Appearance counts! In your personal life as well as in your professional life, how you look is vital! As a life coach, I enjoy supporting women unleash breakthroughs in every area of their lives ? including in the beauty department.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so looking good for yourself is what's most important. Beauty is NOT shallow and petty, it's POWER. Caring about how you look and how you present yourself to the world transcends way beyond the physical realm. It influences your health, your finances, your relationships and your career.

In this DVD, you learn grooming techniques that are quick, affordable and easy to do. Whether you are a newbie to beauty or a seasoned beauty fanatic, you?ll love this training as it is packed with every single beauty secret I personally use to look my best at all times. If you?ve let yourself go or never learned how to reveal your beauty (from the inside-out) ? this training is for you!

For more information: CLICK HERE


How to Heal a Broken Heart

60-Minute Instructional DVD

Trying to Heal a Broken Heart? Have you ever LEARNED how? Most people are suffering needlessly, simply because they simply DON'T KNOW HOW to mend their hurting heart. If you think about it, someone taught you how to walk, how to write and how to drive. But, have you ever been taught HOW to move through the painful experience of having your heart broken?

There is a time and place for grieving and sadness - but after that time and place has passed - you should be ENJOYING your life! As a life coach, I see that too many people walking around torn up inside because they simply lack THE SKILL SET TO HEAL. And honestly, that is all that it is: a skill. And skills are learnable!

There is a saying that says, 'time heals all wounds'. Well, it's a MYTH. Time does nothing! It just goes by and worsens the pain, if you don't do something to change. Please, you do not have to go another day brokenhearted! You have the power to heal!

For more information: CLICK HERE


How to Clear Your Clutter in 30 Days!

45-Minute Instructional DVD

I love cleaning and organizing! And I?m good at it, too! While I was building Spiritual Physique into the successful life coaching company it is today, I had a cleaning and organizing side-business. Although it wasn?t ?my calling? I really enjoyed helping others improve their lives by scrubbing, de-cluttering and making their homes and offices sparkle.

I read a few books, spoke with other organizers and let my natural organizing talents lead the way. I had male clients. I had female clients. I had young clients. I had old ones. I had very wealthy clients and I had ?I just have enough to pay you, but your worth it? clients. And the one thing I noticed across the board ? clutter doesn?t discriminate!

What hurt my heart most was watching people beat themselves up because they didn?t know how to maintain a clutter-free environment. So, as a life coach, I helped them realize: 1) they weren?t bad because they had clutter 2) they had clutter for a reason and 3) there were solutions to clear their clutter.

This DVD was birthed out of my many years of cleaning and de-cluttering peoples? homes with great success using an inner-outer approach of merging fear busting techniques with clutter control action steps that produced long-lasting results. I made it a point to educate my clients on how to easily organize themselves because I believe that clearing clutter is a skill that, if mastered, transforms every area of one?s life.

If you want to clear your own clutter and/or someone else?s (either as a nice gesture or as a business opportunity), this DVD will give you everything you need from creative organizing solutions to checklists and tipsheets!

For more information: CLICK HERE


How to Write/Publish a Book that SELLS: from Start to Finish!

60-Minute Instructional DVD

Writing my book was the single most important element to my success as a life coach and business owner. I experienced MASSIVE BUSINESS GROWTH as well as PERSONAL SATISFACTION as a result of crystallizing my thoughts into a book!

If you are ready to get those ideas that are YEARNING to come outside of you and into a book, self-publishing is the easiest process, literally just 7 simple steps! Within weeks, you can have your books delivered to your home, ready to sell on-line, at events, or wherever!

For more information: CLICK HERE


How to Make MONEY on Social Media - FAST!

60-Minute Instructional DVD


My product sales have been SKYROCKETING ever since I started consistently implementing just a few *simple/no cost strategies* to generate TONS of traffic and increase my exposure. I?m having a blast working in my warm-up suit, taking naps in the middle of the day, going out to lunch when I feel like it and making money doing what I love! Social Media is so much fun & I'm so excited to share my *SIMPLE SECRETS* with you and watch YOU wildly succeed!

For more information: CLICK HERE


Success in Sales

50-Minute Instructional DVD

In this powerful DVD, you will learn how to SELL. After you market, selling is what makes you the dough! If you have great marketing techniques, but your selling stinks - you'll go broke! And you don't want to go broke, do you??? :-)

For more information: CLICK HERE


Quantum Physics Success Secrets

65-Minute Instructional DVD

In this powerful DVD, you will learn how to use Quantum Physics to Quantum Leap from where you are to where you want to be. You use the science of quantum physics daily, are you using it to move you forward or backwards?

Once you understand the science and utilize the tools - you will experience radical, cellular level changes!

For more information: CLICK HERE


Khama's Millions

Documentary DVD

This eye-opening documentary film captures Khama's personal journey to financial freedom and soon-to-be millionaire status.

Khama says, "Most people try to learn how to make millions from millionaires or from people who say they are, but really aren't. This full-length film chronicles my journey of how I became financially free - working from home, doing what I LOVE.

If you want to learn how to build a house, wouldn't it be more advantageous to learn while the house is being built?

If you want to learn how to craft a hand-made wedding gown, wouldn't it make sense to watch as it was being made?

If you want to learn how to cook, wouldn't it be a good idea to get in the kitchen and be personally instructed on HOW to cook, instead of learning from someone who can't cook OR from someone who will only will show you AFTER the meal has been made... leaving out some of the critical steps!

What I have been doing works and all I want to do is share it with others! I have no boss telling me what to do, when to do it or how to get it done! I have the privilege of doing what brings me joy on a daily basis and making good money at the same time.

As a Life Coach, because I come across so many people who want the time, mental and financial freedom that I experience, I decided to film HOW I do it!

For more information: CLICK HERE


Happily Single:
While Preparing for The One!

65-Minute Instructional DVD

In this powerful DVD, you will learn how to PREPARE for your soulmate and POSITION yourself for a life-long, satisfying marriage. Being happily single is the key ingredient to attracting a quality person into your life. We all "know" it, but as I always say, "knowing doesn't mean a thing, if you aren't doing it!"

If you're tired of settling for low-quality relationships, you must first PREPARE for your ideal relationship. Learn my 8-step process that will make you HAPPY with who you are and PREPARED for who you are *destined* to share your life with! All this and more in, "Happily Single: While Preparing for THE ONE!"

For more information: CLICK HERE


How to Host Live Events for Fun and Profit

60-Minute Instructional DVD

Live seminars, trainings, workshops and retreats can be lots of fun and very profitable, if you know what you are doing! If you are not hosting live events consistently, not only are you are missing out on the opportunity to help people and spread your message, you are also walking away from one of the most lucrative income streams for your business.

My 2-DAY LIVE EVENTS are a solid component to my business as they allow me to impact a large number of people in an intense training environment which brings my clients long-lasting change and brings me personal satisfaction as well as an easy income-generator.

In this training, I?ll teach you how to market with easy promotion techniques to entice your list to sign up and fill seats quickly well ahead of time, while avoiding the most common and costly mistakes (this will save you so much time as well as money). Spiritual Physique is about supporting people to unleash their breakthroughs in the quickest amount of time - don?t re-invent the wheel! Let me share my tested and proven strategies on how to plan a successful seminar, workshop or retreat.

For more information: CLICK HERE



?The Three Steps to Unleashing Your Breakthrough!?

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