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In the last 10 months, I have quadrupled my income, which is more than I was able to do in the PREVIOUS 10 years! The difference between what I did for the last 10 years vs. what I've been doing in the last 10 months is one simple thing - using my website in such a way to "make" my visitors pull out their credit cards and order on-line.

By using my website, the Internet and email, I now bring in, on average, over $10,000.00 per month doing what I love and having a lifestyle I love, too! And if you do the same things I've been doing in the last 10 months - you'll get the same results, even FASTER!

I ONLY work when I want to work and have traveled to 3 different continents THREE times within the last 3 years (globe-trotting between the US, the UK and Africa!), all while maintaining a successful on-line business. Without having to commute for an hour, sit in traffic, and rot in some stuffy office with stale bagels, I?m able to earn a great living on my own terms.

I market my name and business all over the Internet and I have become an on-line "expert" (in my warm-up suit)!

I get thousands of monthly visitors to my website who are prequalified - that is, they already have an interest in my products and services. And, on average, they buy within the first month of their initial visit.

In this training, I'll walk you through my step-by-step formula to turn your current website into an on-line storefront that makes money. With just a few very, very, very low-cost strategies, you can easily make-over your WEBSITE into one that's profitable, instead of just pretty!

There are secrets to turning your website into your very own ATM machine - and all you need is to *KNOW* WHAT THEY ARE! I decided to create this training after my friends and family started experiencing almost unbelievable results after applying the tips I was sharing with them. They actually insisted that I create a program packed with everything that I was doing from A to Z - because it works!

When you know how to marry your products & services with the internet, your profits and quality of life SKYROCKET!

If you're in business, and you have a website - it should be MAKING you money, not COSTING you money!

In this 85-minute DVD, you will learn:

1) How I built my email list of over 20,500 IDEAL prospects and customers who    buy from me over and over on a regular basis

2) How to position your information products to sell themselves

3) 5 simple changes you can make to your website right now that will get you cash in      your bank account ASAP

4) How to make the move from selling your time to selling your knowledge

5) The best place to register your domain name and why

6) EXACTLY how to convert your current website into a lead-generating and      money-making machine

7) The #1 technique to generate recurring payments through your website

8) How to package your knowledge and expertise into simple information      products to sell on your website 24-7, even while you sleep, shop or go on vacation

9) 3 secrets to transforming your current business into one that GIVES you much more       money, time, fun and freedom

10) How to add hundreds of fresh new leads to your list every month and keep them

11) What you absolutely need on your website (and what you don?t)

12) How to increase your subscriber list - fast and free

13) The top 2 insider secrets to getting TONS of online orders rush in again and      again and again and again

14) Easy ways to generate free, qualified traffic to your website

15) How to double, triple or even *QUADRUPLE* your current income by      doubling, tripling and quadrupling your list (This is the magic pill)

16) What you MUST do to have a on-going stream of sales

17) How to wean off one-to-one services that require all your time (and only do them      because you want to), and move into program, product (tangible and      virtual) and event sales

18) The ONE SINGLE STRATEGY that literally increased my opt-in rate 100-fold      overnight (and it only costs $10 dollars/month to implement)

19) What you must ALWAYS put on EVERY webpage of your site

20) How to FILL your coaching programs, teleseminars, and events quickly      and easily

21) How to create a FRENZY of sales in a short amount of time (and in addition to      your steady streams)

22) My easy formula to writing a FREE report that SELLS for you

23) How to make your visitors stay on your site longer (so they are more likely to      buy from you)

24) How to easily set up your site to accept credit cards and process orders

25) How to get people EXCITED about doing business with you (and what causes      them to AVOID doing business with you)

26) What you MUST put on your website to "block" the wrong people from contacting      you

27) How to UPSELL (with integrity) to people who have already bought from you

28) How to get your clients and customers racing to give you RAVING      TESTIMONIALS that will boost your sales and sell FOR you (This little tip in itself is      worth your entire investment in this training!)

29) What you must ALWAYS have in your email to promote yourself and drive sales

30 ) How to create products fast and easy ? from e-books to audios

31) 4 ways you can host one teleseminar and turn it into tens of thousands of      dollars

32) How I made $802 within the first hour of sending a specific email blast

33) Which software and systems I use and highly recommend

34) How to set up your info products to go out automatically after the purchase      (this is one way I make $$$ in my sleep!)

35) How to set up your website to work FOR you 24-7

36) How I make over $10,000/month via ON-LINE sales

37) How to easily use email to market & sell to thousands of people at a time

38) How to make it super easy for visitors to find what they want and

39) How to use FREE and PAID TELESEMINARS to get thousands of subscribers      practically overnight

40) Simple changes you can make to your website that will get 10X more visitors to      give you their contact information, including their full name, e-mail and mailing      address

41) Strategies to get TONS of traffic and INCREASE your list

PLEASE NOTE: I actually go through EACH and EVERY one of these 41 tips IN DETAIL - you get EXACTLY what I say you'll get...and more!


85-minute Instructional DVD (that's almost an hour and a half!)


Khama's Website Success Kit:

Prewritten copy to launch your free gift offer

Templates for your opt-in boxes and autoresponders

BONUS Vendor Recommendations (will save you TONS of time & LOTS of $$$!)

E-mail & Autoresponder Program Recommendation

800# Phone System Recommendation - great for coaches

Text Messaging System Recommendation - text your clients

Phone Blaster Recommendation - send all of your client a voicemail at once!

Shopping Cart Recommendation - includes free trial

On-Line Scheduler Recommendation- clients book sessions themselves!

Instant Chat Feature Recommendation - increase site conversions

Website Pop-Up Recommendation - vibrant call-to-actions

Resource for acquiring and retaining clients

Great guide of what to say when you call people who opted into your website

Domain Name Registration Recommendation

Plus other useful resources

*Resource Guide is sent in an eco-friendly style


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*new members only. The membership is month-to-month, no contracts and you may cancel before your trial expires. Your credit card will be charged $1 to activate the membership. After 30 days, the membership fee is just $97/month.


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