Simple Time Management



In this powerful DVD, you will learn simple steps to manage your time in the most efficient manner. If you have been pulling your hair out because you need about 100 more hours in each day, this training is for you!

We all have the same 24 hours each day, but HOW we use those 24 hours makes the difference between success and failure.

In this 60-minute DVD, you will learn:

1) How to be in sync with Divine Timing

2) How to have more time to devote to your life-calling

3) How to reduce stress while still making your deadlines

4) How to implement Khama's 6-Step Life Goals Planning System

5) How to achieve daily balance - feel great while getting things done

6) How to stop procrastinating

7) How to eliminate distractions and get FOCUSED!

8) Why multi-tasking is NOT good for you and why it slows you down

9) Why creating weekly standing appointments with yourself is critical

10) Why cleaning and organizing is a key to "creating more hours in a day"

11) How & Why you should hire help (even if you don't think you can afford it)

12) How to use Khama's 'Power 20'(tm) Quick Fix

13) How using a timer will eliminate procrastination and increase productivity

14) Why having a bedtime is critical to saving time

15) How exercise & eating right are connected to proper time management

16) How to efficiently receive, send and reply to email

17) Why having an 800# is a MUST if you have a home-based business (and how it saves you time)

18) How to easily schedule your clients to eliminate the hassle of booking clients

19) How to enforce cancellation/no-show fees so your time is respected

20) Why you don't have to talk to everyone that asks you to call them and how to respectfully say "no thanks"!

21) How to eliminate time stealers

22) How to create time by respecting your money

23) How creating multiple streams of income & passive income streams are the ULTIMATE time savers

24) How to get things done in the most efficient way

PLEASE NOTE: I actually go through EACH and EVERY one of these 24 tips in detail - you get EXACTLY what I say you'll get...and more!

CHECK THIS OUT... To date...

I have written & published a book

I have written & produced 28 instructional DVDs

I have written & produced a meditation CD

I have created a groundbreaking 12-CD SET

I host a radio show (I've had multi-millionaires, NY Times bestsellers and people who have appeared on Oprah on my show)

I haveinternational 1:1 coaching clients

I host one-day apprentice programs (people fly in to watch me work)

I host pay-per-view live steaming video empowerment events

I host 1-day & 2-day live events in cities across the country

I have a wholesale bridgeline rental division

I host weekly Live Success Calls

I offer a quality e-book and audio downloads for new opt-ins

I have been a guest on numerous radio shows

I have over 65 videos on youtube with over 15,000 views on my page

I run a monthly membership coaching program (with hundreds of members)

I hosted a Hawaii Vacation Contest (I took 3 clients on an all-expense paid trip to Honolulu in 2009)

I have collected written, audio and video testimonials of my success stories

I have an inspirational "Unleash" clothing line (t-shirts, tanks & wristbands)

I have a LARGE presence on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube

I have a 24-hour prayer center

Plus I travel bi-monthly - for both business and pleasure

I'm on 3 continents yearly (for the past 3 years consecutively).

My products are shipped world-wide & I have international clients!

To top it off, I'm the executive producer of The Project Consciousness Tour

I work on average 6 hours/day and take Sundays off!

Oh, and to date, I average $10,000 per month - working from home

I have mastered time management and in this DVD, I show you EXACTLY HOW!


60-minute Instructional DVD

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"Khama is such a genuine and passionate giver of everything she puts out. The section of the DVD that covers setting up annual, monthly, weekly and daily goals is one of the most crucial sections, in my opinion, in the entire DVD. Without having a plan for where you're going, you're bound to flounder about aimlessly.

Khama gives you clear and easy-to-understand steps on how and why breaking down your goals is so crucial to your overall success. She even gives you a quick sneak peek of her own dry erase board with her daily goals and activities! If you need to learn how to bring more focused direction into your life and business, I strongly urge you to check out this DVD."

Kitara R. Wilson
Conroe, Texas

Khama, I just watched Simple Time management! I thank God for you! You are such a blessing! You have simplified my life & my extremely busy business in an HOUR! Your DVDs are always content rich and I'm seeing improvements each time I implement what I've learned! Thanks again!

Alison Ryce
Atlanta, GA
Independent Beauty Consultant


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