How to Effectively Conduct Tele-Seminars to Generate Sales and Secure Clients



I have been able to do what I love (working from home and while traveling internationally), only needing a phone and my laptop computer. I cherish every moment, and know how blessed I am...therefore I have PACKED this DVD with every single detail to my own step-by-step process to secure IDEAL clients and generate a massive amount of sales in record time, by conducting tele-seminars.

If you have a passion for something, know that people need it and want to share it over the phone - this advanced training is for you. I have discovered that tele-seminars are THE best marketing strategy for quick and easy business building. All of my tips are simple and VERY low-cost, but produce AMAZING results.

You'll learn my secrets on how to use your phone to build your list, sell products and programs and easily generate IMMEDIATE cash flow! The training includes my pre and post teleseminar checklists, so you basically don't even have to think! LOL!

Tele-seminars are one of the least expensive forms of advertising and conducting free ones to showcase your talents, gifts and business are so effective in creating paying clientele.

You can offer free or paid tele-seminars, then turn them into an MP3 download. There is no storage, no shipping and you can make the money WHILE YOU SLEEP with instant downloads!!! OR you can turn a recording into CD or even a CD SET series, like my Unleash Your Breakthrough 12-CD SET! (Psst...you don't even need to go to a studio to record!)

I've mastered the art of orders coming in while I am out to lunch, shopping, running errands and the best one - while I'm on the beach in South Africa!

Once you know how to conduct tele-seminars, they are fun to host, extremely rewarding and can be huge moneymakers, right from the comfort of your own home - wearing your warm-up suit and fuzzy socks!

If you APPLY even just ½ of these tips, you can easily add a few hundred to a few thousand dollars to your bottom line - ASAP! !

In this 75-minute DVD, you will learn:

1) How to schedule your tele-seminars for the highest turnout

2) How to structure your tele-seminars for large profits

3) How to attract international prospects for world-wide clientele

4) How to price your tele-seminars to sell

5) How to determine free vs. fee tele-seminars

6) How, When and Why to conduct free tele-seminars

7) How to turn a free tele-seminar into profits

8) How to maximize a tele-seminar for LONG-TERM client retention

9) How to fine-tune your marketing strategies for consistent sign-ups

10) How to get new clients daily using a free recorded audio class

11) The best places to find people to invite to your tele-seminar

12) How to generate high-quality clientele

13) How to have recurring orders directly from tele-seminars

14) How to become a confident, fearless recruiter during your tele-seminar without       being pushy and annoying

15) How to set up a residual income stream with a recorded tele-seminar product

16) How and When to create multi-day/multi-week teleseminar series

17) How to craft high-value income-generating topics

18) How to create a "following" from your tele-seminars

19) How to balance educating and marketing to clients - simultaneously

20) How to market for BIG tele-seminar turnouts

21) How to make money in your sleep by selling advanced "tickets"

22) How to market and sell with CLASS before, during and after the tele-seminar

23) When and how to offer product and service discounts

24) The MOST important aspect to tele-seminar success (any industry)

25) The MISTAKE I made that you don't want to make ? ever!

I actually go through EACH and EVERY one of these 25 tips IN DETAIL - you get EXACTLY what I say you'll get...and more!

Who should order this DVD:

Life Coaches
Business Coaches
Wedding Planners
Event Planners
Network Marketers
Travel Consultants
Real Estate Agents
Spa/Salon Owners
Store Owners
Gym Owners
Personal Trainers
Make-up artists
Interior Designers
And anyone else who desires to skyrocket their sales using their phone!


By the end of this DVD, you will have simple techniques that have taken me YEARS to discover & create to effectively conduct tele-seminars to generate sales and secure clients!


75-minute Instructional DVD

Khama's Tele-Seminar Success Kit:

Pre Tele-Seminar Checklist

Post Tele-Seminar Checklist

BONUS Vendor Recommendations (will save you TONS of time & LOTS of $$$!)

Shopping Cart Recommendation - includes free trial

E-mail & Auto-responder Program Recommendation

800# Phone System Recommendation - great for coaches

Text Messaging System Recommendation - text your clients

Phone Blaster Recommendation - send all of your client a voicemail at once!

On-Line Scheduler - clients book sessions themselves!

*Resource Guide & Checklists are sent in an eco-friendly style


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"I just finished your How to Effectively Conduct Tele-Seminars to Secure Clients and Generate Sales. And not a moment too soon...I am doing one tomorrow night and I plan on using your great tips!"

Beki Rosenthal
Boca Raton, Florida


"The How to Effectively Conduct Tele-Seminars to Secure Clients and Generate Sales was awesome! I am preparing for my first teleseminar next month and I am so excited. Khama, you give step-by-step details. I have never encountered any other program that guides you through the process the way you do. Thanks!"

Margaret L. Burroughs
Arlington, TX



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