How to Heal a Broken Heart



Trying to Heal a Broken Heart? Have you ever LEARNED how? Many people are suffering needlessly, simply because they just DON'T KNOW HOW to mend their hurting heart. If you think about it, someone taught you how to walk, how to write and how to drive. But, have you ever been taught HOW to move through the painful experience of having your heart broken?

There is a time and place for grieving and sadness - but after that time and place has passed - you should be ENJOYING your life! As a life coach, I see that too many people are walking around torn up inside because they simply lack THE SKILL SET TO HEAL. And honestly, that is all that it is: a skill. And skills are learnable!

There is a saying that says, 'time heals all wounds'. Well, it's a MYTH. Time does nothing! It just goes by and worsens the pain, if you don't DO something to change. Please, you do not have to go another day brokenhearted! You have the power to heal!

Ask yourself these questions:

Does my heart hurt constantly?

Do I feel a dull pain physically in my heart area, due to an emotional wound?

Have I tried to get over a past hurt, but feel that month after month, it still hurts?

Do I feel sad and depressed most of the time?

Is my broken heart preventing me from moving forward in other areas of my life?

Is it difficult to go a few hours without thinking negative thoughts about the situation?

Does it seem like every time I try to forgive, I am unable to go through the process successfully and the healing never seems to take place?

Does whatever I do to "get over it" seem fruitless and leave me feeling like a failure?

Am I afraid that I'll never get over this feeling of emptiness and loss?

Am I ready to let go of the pain?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to order this DVD!

In this 60-minute DVD, you will learn:

1) How to actively heal yourself towards becoming a whole and complete person

2) How to stop an over-extended mourning process

3) How to "let go" of painful memories and embrace the present

4) Techniques, including neurological reprogramming, to stop the perpetuation of the         feelings of sadness, loss and depression

5) How to move through the fear of moving on!

6) How to utilize my signature Spiritual Physique 10-step Self-Restoration     Process? , so your heart will be healed and whole again

7) How to become so solid that you're ready to deal with life's new challenges with a         positive sense of emotional balance that you may never have had before

8) How to release pain, guilt, grief, shame, resentment and anger

9) The exact process I used to rebuild my life after devastating circumstances

10) How you can CHOOSE to stop daily stress and suffering

11) How to emerge confident and powerful after a massive blow to your heart

12) Why burying or ignoring painful emotions is NOT the way to move through the
       healing process, and what to do instead

13) How to shift your thoughts from constrictive and negative to expansive and     positive

14) How taking responsibility for your own emotions gives you unstoppable     confidence

PLEASE NOTE: I actually go through EACH and EVERY one of these 14 tips IN DETAIL - you get EXACTLY what I say you'll get...and more!

Why do I have the authority to coach you on this?

I have authority on this because - I've done it myself and have helped many others heal in record time! I know first hand what a broken heart feels like due to abuse on several different levels. I know what it feels like to go month after month in severe emotional pain. And I know that the simple plan I created (with GOD) and used to heal my own heart that was broken into 100 pieces - WORKS!

I am so passionate about helping people heal their hearts, because suffering through a devestating event of emotional, mental, physical and psychological pain causes the darkest of days and the longest of nights.

And with the help of my easy-to-follow practical/spiritual infusion, you will not only heal, you will have the fuel to boldly walk through life, claim your victory and inspire others along the way!


60-minute Instructional DVD

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My techniques are tested and proven, so much so that I'm absolutely confident that if you DO what I tell you to do, you will have what I'm telling you that you will have - a healed heart! So, order this powerful, life-changing 60-minute DVD - and let me help you heal!
Investment: $49.95

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