How to Clear Your Clutter in 30 Days!



I love cleaning and organizing! And I'm good at it, too! While I was building Spiritual Physique into the successful life coaching company it is today, I had a cleaning and organizing side-business. Although it wasn't "my calling" I really enjoyed helping others improve their lives by scrubbing, de-cluttering and making their homes and offices sparkle.

I read a few books, spoke with other organizers and let my natural organizing talents lead the way. I had male clients. I had female clients. I had young clients. I had old ones. I had very wealthy clients and I had "I just barely have enough to pay you, but your worth it" clients. And there was one thing that I noticed across the board - clutter doesn't discriminate!

What hurt my heart most, was watching people beat themselves up because they didn't know how to maintain a clutter-free environment. So, as a life coach, I helped them realize: 1) they weren't bad because they had clutter 2) they had clutter for a reason and 3) there were solutions to clear their clutter.

This DVD was birthed out of my many years of cleaning and de-cluttering people's homes with great success using an inner-outer approach of merging fear busting techniques with clutter control action steps that produced long-lasting results.
I made it a point to educate my clients on how to easily organize themselves because I believe that clearing clutter is a skill that, if mastered, transforms every area of one's life.

If you want to clear your own clutter and/or someone else's (either as a nice gesture or as a business opportunity), this DVD will give you everything you need from creative organizing solutions to checklists and tipsheets!

In this 45-minute DVD, you will learn:


1) Do-it-yourself vs. hiring a professional OR both

2) How to ask for help getting organized (from friends & family)


3) How being a pack rat hurts you mentally, physically and financially

4) What questions to ask yourself before you begin

5) How to easily motivate and empower yourself to clear clutter

6) How to overcome procrastination and take action

7) How to cure indecisiveness about what to keep and what to discard

8) How to overcome the fear of getting organized

9) How getting rid of stuff can be a cathartic experience

10) How to "attack" your clutter with enthusiasm instead of dread


11) My favorite organizing stores

12) The ultimate label maker and where to find it

13) The most affordable containers and how to use them

14) The e-z way to store documents

15) The paper shredder I use (high security - great for bank statements)


16) Khama's 'Power 20' Quick Fix

17) How to keep organized on a regular basis

18) Tips and ideas for the most effective de-cluttering

19) How to make the most of your time

20) How to eliminate time wasters


21) Super simple cleaning methods

22) My housecleaning checklist

23) How to simplfy your life, going beyond the clutter

24) Why to start with the area of your home that causes you the greatest pain

25) The 5-Step Organizing Process

26) When to use "out of sight, out of mind"

27) How to move systematically throughout your home

28) How to purge - painfree and stressfree

29) Photo storage ideas

30) Sorting secrets for bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and closets

31) How to organize clothes, shoes and accessories

32) How to make the most of your existing closet space

33) How to eliminate clutter from your life (where to donate or dispose)

34) How to make a charitable donation


35) Paper tracking & management

36) Where to get the best filing supplies

37) How disorganization in your home office delays growth and profits

38) How to develop a routine for dealing with incoming paper

39) The best document destruction tool

40) General office supplies and equipment suggestions

41) Simple financial organizing tips

42) My bill-paying system (never "forget" to pay a bill again!)

43) My personal and professional filing system (actual categories)


44) Some of my greatest success stories

45) How I got into cleaning and organizing while I built Spiritual Physique

46) How I set my fees and where I marketed to attract choice clients


47) Store like items together according to purpose

48) Make use of low space with under-bed boxes

49) Make use of hanging space with hooks and racks

50) Use see-through containers whenever possible

51) Use drawer dividers, baskets, shelves to subdivide larger spaces

52) Label every container so you know what's in it without opening

PLEASE NOTE: I actually go through EACH and EVERY one of these 52 tips IN DETAIL - you get EXACTLY what I say you'll get...and more!

Check out this video of my desk in my home office!


45-minute Instructional DVD


Khama's "Organizer's Toolbox":

Organizing Tipsheet

Cleaning Product Guide

Organizing Supply Checklist

File Cabinet Flow Chart

The actual promotional ad I created and used word-for-word, to get organizing clients!

The actual promotional ad I created and used word-for-word, to get cleaning clients!

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Isn't it time to have a clutter-free environment? Don't settle for a life LESS than what you deserve! Clutter is BLOCKING your BLESSINGS!!! Order this powerful, life-changing 45-minute DVD - and let me help you unclog, declutter and unblock your blessings!
Investment: $49.95

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