Appearance counts! In your personal life as well as in your professional life, how you look is vital! As a life coach, I enjoy supporting my clients unleash breakthroughs in every area of their lives - including in the beauty department.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so looking good for yourself is what's most important. Beauty is not shallow and petty, it's POWER! Caring about how you look and how you present yourself to the world transcends way beyond the physical realm. It influences your health, your finances, your relationships and your career.

In this advanced training, you will learn grooming techniques that are quick, affordable and easy to do. Whether you are a newbie to beauty or a seasoned beauty fanatic, you'll love this DVD as it is packed with every single beauty secret I personally use so you can look your best at all times. If you've let yourself go or never learned how to reveal your beauty (from the inside-out) - this training is for you!

In this 60-minute DVD, you will learn:

1) How to have healthy hair you love

2) How to have strong, beautiful nails

3) How a shift in your posture can make you instantly beautiful

4) How NOT to let your budget dictate your beauty

5) The secrets to having soft hands - all the time

6) How to have great teeth and a smile that matches it

7) How to have perfect skin - no matter what your age or facial history

8) My 5 step in-home facial system (it's just pennies per treatment)

9) How to make every inch of your body's skin silky smooth

10) The ultimate eyebrow maintenance tip (my momma gave me this one!)

11) The best type of massage and why you MUST incorporate it into your beauty      routine

12) How to have smooth heels and get those pretty feet you've always wanted

13) How to have soft, healthy lips

14) "Khama's 76-day non-surgical face-lift"(tm) (yes, 76 days!)

15) What will and what won't get rid of cellulite

16) My beauty consultant's #1 tip for applying eye cream (this tip ALONE is worth the      investment of this training)

17) How to have great-looking arms

18) How to bring out your skin's natural radiance

19) The best acne prevention tips, that actually work!

20) My personal wrinkle prevention tips (I'm in my thirties and don't have a single      wrinkle - it's more than just genetics AND it doesn't cost a trillion dollars!)

21) How to have great-looking legs, from your thighs to your ankles

22) The best neck tightening product to prevent/reverse "turkey neck"

PLEASE NOTE: I actually go through EACH and EVERY one of these 22 tips IN DETAIL - you get EXACTLY what I say you'll get...and more!


60-minute Instructional DVD


Khama's Beauty Resource List

Khama's Resource Guide & Checklist


Skin Care Maintenance Tips

Dental Care Maintenance Tips

Body Care Maintenance Tips

Hair Care Maintenance Tips

Eye Brown Care Maintenance Tips

Nail Care Maintenance Tips


Khama's #1 Wrinkle Prevention Tip

Khama's #1 Acne Prevention Tip

Khama's Emergency Night Time Make-Up Remover Tip

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Apply these simple grooming techniques and within days,
your beauty will be revealed to you, right before your eyes!

Investment: $49.95

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