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How to Lose 10lbs in 5 Weeks!

Most people don’t know this, but at one point in my life, I was actually 30 lbs. overweight. I was in my 20’s when I moved cross-country from Ohio to California to attend the University of California – Berkeley. I did the “freshman fifteen” TIMES TWO!

When I went to visit my mom during Spring Break, I was waiting for her in the airport (back in the 90’s people could actually meet you at the airline gate (remember those good ole days?) Anyways, I was waiting and when I saw her, she was just about to walk by me and I said, “MOM” while waving my hand to get her attention.

A year or so later she told me that she didn’t recognize me and that is why she didn’t see me. She was looking for a fit, in-shape young woman – not a, well, let’s say a “fat chick”.

After that episode of being fat, I got myself back in the gym and became addicted to working out and eating right. I even became a certified aerobics instructor and personal trainer and “lived” in the gym for many years after that. I competed in fitness competitions and intensely studied health and nutrition. Because of those years training, learning and researching – I’ve developed a skill set of knowledge plus action, that I consistently tap into.

I am frequently asked: “How often to you exercise? What does your work-out consist of? What do you eat? What foods to you avoid?” Just to name a few!

In this advanced training DVD are YEARS of applied research (meaning, I don’t listen to people who claim they know about fat loss and healthy eating if they are overweight, or thin with low energy and look like death warmed over – even if they are an M.D. with a PhD!) If someone can’t apply their findings they are sharing with you in their own life – something is WRONG!

One of the greatest gifts in life is knowing what works (and what doesn’t), applying it and sharing it with others! So if you are ready to, once and for all, LEARN HOW to easily & naturally lose weight order this DVD.

In less than 5 weeks, you will look better, feel better, have more energy and understand why and how to respect and care for your body from the inside-out.

So, now, I invite you to learn my personal fitness and nutrition regimen, which includes a 21-day detox program you can use for the rest of your life! Are you in?

1) Healthy Living Mindset Techniques for Guaranteed Success

2) How aligning your calling with your health and fitness routine is KEY

3) Neurological Reprogramming Strategies for health and weight loss

4) How to bust through the internal blocks standing between you and your desired  level of health

5) How what you BELIEVE determines your results

6) What comes OUT of your mouth (your words) is just as important as what goes IN

7) How to eliminate emotional eating

8) Why being “strict” and focusing solely on what not to eat will cause failure

9) What you DON’T Know CAN hurt you! People perish for a lack of knowledge

10) An easy and natural weight loss acceleration program

11) How to speed up your metabolism

12) Fat burning foods, techniques, tips and tricks

13) Which foods drain most of your energy

14) Why fooling around with “low-fat” foods are a waste of time

15) Why you don’t need to count calories

16) How to naturally lose weight quickly

17) Fat burning vs. fat storing foods

18) What foods to buy at the grocery store

19) Why good nutrition improves every aspect of your well-being

20) How to double and then stabilize your energy levels

21) How to eat pure & clean on a regular basis and not feel deprived

22) Why it is necessary to FLUSH your system regularly

23) How to CLEANSE with my 21-day DETOX

24) The MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT to working out

25) The best type of cardio for quick weight loss

26) Tips on how to stay on track with your program

27) How often to work out (it’s not as often as you may think)

28) The Ultimate Fat Burning Work-out Program

29) Simple 40 min./day maintenance program. No more than 40 minutes!

30) The core exercise plan I used for years with my clients as a personal trainer and personally STILL use to this day

31) How to get rid of “the last 10 pounds”

32) The best training methods to lose excess fat tissue

A content-rich, 60-minute instructional DVD.
Khama’s “Lose 10lbs in 5 Weeks” Resource Guide & Checklists:

  • Kitchen Supply Checklist – includes: the best juicer, etc ($95 value)
  • My work-out schedule ($95 value)
  • My actual grocery list ($95 value)
  • Includes the following lists – seeds/nuts/SUPERFOODS, vegetables, fruits, grains, good fats/oils, protein (non-meat/non-poultry sources), herbs & spices, smoothie add-ons (boosts), and much more!

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