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How to Create A CD Set Program From Scratch!

Recently, I did a sales report of my last 3 years of business and found out that nearly EIGHTY PERCENT (80%) of my gross sales has been generated from my “Unleash Your Breakthrough” 12-CD SET!

I immediately thought to myself, “I’ve got to help my clients! I have to teach them step-by-step EXACTLY HOW to create a CD SET from Scratch!”

I did it and I’m earning tens of thousands annually from customers around the world.

My CD SET is in countries such as Spain, Canada, Australia, even Ireland!

Isn’t that WILD?

So, I’m pleased to announce the launch of my brand-new DVD,


“How to Create a CD SET Program – from Scratch!”

This DVD includes EVERY SINGLE SECRET I know and used to create my program – to help catapult you to a new dimension. My CD SET was produced and launched in 2007 and here I am 5 years later generating money every month from a product I created years ago!

Better yet, have you checked out the AWESOME testimonials – lives are being drastically changed in a matter of weeks!

NOW, order this DVD training, “How to create a CD SET program from scratch!” ONLY if you truly want to change people’s lives for the better and make a TON of money at the same time.

I don’t want this falling into the WRONG HANDS – so be sure you want to change lives AND get paid, because if you follow my step-by-step program – you surely will!

The greatest part about my program is this…NO ONE IS TEACHING THIS, so you’ll quickly move into the upper echelon simply by learning one of the most important money-making skills – how to create passive income with an audio home study course.

There are many coaches who teach how to change your life, or even how to be a life coach – but for some reason nobody is teaching the TOOLS necessary on HOW TO make it happen. That is why I have tools on HOW to write a book, HOW to run a membership program, HOW to conduct a tele-seminar because I have written a best-selling book, I have a successful membership program, and I conduct powerful tele-seminars weekly!

If I tell my clients, “just pray” and you can write a book OR “just believe” and you’ll attract and maintain loyal clients in your membership program that isn’t the whole truth. *Although prayer is my secret weapon…it just isn’t my only one!

You have to KNOW HOW in addition to believing you can do it.

Now, check this out: when someone orders my CD SET. They use it in their homes – while I’m out and about – having lunch with a friend in L.A., playing with my little sister in London, or hanging out in Africa with my father, brother, nephews and other family members, for example!

In essence, I’m “coaching” people – while I’m off enjoying life!

With this training, you’ll learn how to do the same thing!

In 60 minutes, you’ll have EVERYTHING you need to produce your own high-quality CD SET program, from the comfort of your home (using your phone line to record!!!)

Whatever your industry, providing a CD SET version of your program, book or seminar is one of the most intelligent business decisions you could make – remember 80% of my income in the last 3 years has been generated from my CD SET!

When I decided to create my CD SET, I had to trail blaze my way through ups and downs and many wrong turns – like searching for a NEEDLE in a haystack, BLIND-FOLDED with the LIGHTS OFF! Seriously, it was that difficult. I didn’t have a step-by-step blueprint to walk me through the process. So, it’s my pleasure to offer this to you so you don’t have to waste all of the time, money and energy I wasted!

Please don’t take what I’m offering for granted – because if you do a Google search…

1) How to create a script from scratch

2) How to record your CDs using your home phone

3) The easiest and most affordable way to record your program

4) How to title your program to increase sales

5) How to ship your CD SET for speedy delivery and no breakage

6) What NOT to do!
(*Do these things and you will waste thousands of dollars and HUNDREDS of hours of your time!)

7) How to choose the length of each CD

8) How many CDs is too little or too much

9) How to price your CD SET to sell

10) How to create a CD SET that’s a win-win (for you & your customers)

11) How to craft original content

12) What to do BEFORE you create your CD SET – this is VERY important

13) Which bonus materials you should include

14) How to KILL perfectionism and get it done

15) How to have a 100% client success rate

16) How to effortlessly entice testimonials to pour in

A content-rich, 60-minute instructional DVD
A comprehensive, detailed Resource Guide & Checklist
An optional, complimentary 30-day trial of The Spiritual Spa
*new members only. The membership is month-to-month, no contracts and you may cancel before your trial expires.
Your credit card will be charged $1 to activate the membership. After 30 days, the membership fee is just $29/month.






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